Long before Airtags came to light, long before they were even talked about, there were Tile-branded tracking devices. In fact they have worked and work very well. However, the power of Apple is greater, the synchronization with the Apple ecosystem is better and, above all, the possibility that millions of iPhones serve as trackers and search engines for that lost device. But Tile does not give up in its efforts to overtake Apple and this time it seems that it has just gained a few meters of advantage thanks to the undetectable anti-theft mode and sanctions in case of fraudulent use. We tell you.

Who makes the Leym cheats. That’s even older than Tile. That is, whenever something new comes out, there is someone looking for a way to use it in a fraudulent or wrong way, even illegally. That happened with the Tile and with the AirTags that were used to stalk people, track them without their consent and a long etcetera. Apple put its defense mechanisms but it does not seem that they are entirely effective. In a society where privacy is increasingly a determining factor, Tile has just made a decision that may make your sales increase compared to the AirTag.

Tile has announced a new anti-theft mode for tracking devices. It is designed to make Tile accessories undetectable by the anti-stalking function Scan and Secure. This feature is a security measure that Tile put in place to allow iPhone users and others to search for and detect nearby devices to prevent them from being used for harassing purposes. Now this feature removes the anti-theft capabilities.

What you’ve done now, is Tile’s anti-theft mode disables the feature. That means a Tile tracking device it cannot be located by a person who does not have the tracker. Customers must register using multi-factor identification. Accept some rather restrictive terms of use, including a $1 million fine if the device ends up being used to track a person without their consent.

A good option to add to the AirTag.