Tim Cook, and the car for when?

What you dream of what comes

At first, the CEO of the company, Tim Cook, wanted to present a car completely revolutionary, a car completely autonomous, Y electric that would generate a direct advantage over major car brands, for example, Mercedes, Toyota or Honda. To do this, from the outset, huge financial resources were allocated to hire engineers from Tesla, a fully electrified brand to contribute to the development of Apple’s own vehicle.

everything seemed under control: budgets, engineers and ambition, all the necessary ingredients to bring out a revolutionary car. However, the problems began from the first moment, since the objectives that the Californian company had set it was not possible to run them with current technology and not only her, I feel a stone in the boot that Apple could not undo.

The project Titan does not advance and Apple opted to change the initial objectives of the project for another much more in line with current reality, being an autonomous car only on the road and on the rest of the roads the driver will have control of the vehicle, differing very little from the higher-end vehicles. currently available range. Apple has halted the presentation of a revolutionary car for a top-quality car with the latest technology on the market to introduce the initial objectives later on.

When will it be presented and how much will it cost?

According to the latest sources, the Apple’s roadmap seems pretty clear, with clear and precise objectives. Regarding the design, sources indicate that it will be finished by 2023. After that, it will enter an exhaustive testing phase in 2024 to start its manufacturing process in 2025. The following year, the presentation and market launch will take place. In addition, Apple would be in very advanced talks with the German brand Volkswagen, which would have a production and collaboration agreement on vehicle development and safety.

apple car

The last section that we need to know is the price. We already know that Apple is a company that offers products of the highest quality but at a very high price. In this sense, the Apple car will be priced around. $100,000, an exorbitant value for most users and that is in the same price range as premium cars from Tesla and Mercedes Benz. However, Apple will continue to develop Apple Car Play so that other users can continue to enjoy the Apple ecosystem.

Tim Cook has always said that he wants to present a great product before finishing his time as CEO of the company, with the Titan project and the presentation of the first final Apple car being an incredible finishing touch to his career, a career full of successes in terms of economic and financial and that will leave as a finishing touch a car that will go down in history.

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