Tim Cook Assures PM Modi That He Has Plans To Invest In India

On Wednesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the nation’s capital and reaffirmed Apple’s commitment to expanding and making investments in India.

“Thank you for the warm welcome, Prime Minister @narendramodi. After his discussion with PM Modi, Cook tweeted, “We share your vision of the good influence technology can have on India’s future, from education and development to manufacturing and the environment. We’re dedicated to developing and investing across the country.

Tim Cook Has Big Plans For India

In response to Cook’s tweet, PM Modi stated that it was an absolute pleasure to meet with the Apple CEO, share views on many subjects, and emphasize the tech-driven changes happening in India.

Tim Cook is in India to celebrate the opening of Apple’s first retail outlets in the nation. Cook landed in the national capital on the second part of his tour on Wednesday, after unveiling the first official store in Mumbai.

He toured the mesmerizing creative alleyways of the Lodhi Art District ahead of the launch of the second Apple shop in Saket. Cook’s first trip to India in seven years, the previous being in 2016 when the internet behemoth was just getting started in the nation.

This week marks the culmination of more than 25 years in India for the computer industry behemoth co-founded by Steve Jobs.

In India, the second-largest smartphone market in the world, Apple is now attempting to intensify its retail drive. As Apple diversifies its supply chains away from China, manufacturers in India also produce 5% of all iPhones.