Apple never talks about artificial intelligence as such but has its own terms to refer to this technology: deep learning, machine learning, etc. However, generative AI is gaining more and more ground thanks to other companies such as Google and OpenAI, which is making Apple move and put all its effort into action. It is clear that iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 will be the most powerful operating systems in AI and this is what Tim Cook has defended in one of his last interviews where he assures that the Apple Generative AI “it will open new paths.”

2024 will be the year of Apple's generative AI, as Tim Cook anticipates

We have been behind iOS 18 for a long time and we are looking forward to WWDC24, when Tim Cook and his team will release all the news regarding operating systems for this new year. We know that iOS 18 It will be the biggest update in history, as analyst Mark Gurman has assured on several occasions, and we also know that Apple's million-dollar investments in artificial intelligence will bear fruit in this WWDC24.

Generative AI iOS 18

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A few days ago, Tim Cook was leading a new shareholder meeting where he had the honor of intervening and launching a strong message about the future of Apple. He assured that believes Apple's generative AI will “break new ground” in this year 2024. These comments go a little outside the measured interventions that Cook always makes about the future of his company and increases expectations about the AI ​​functions that will reach the operating systems of the Big Apple.

There are many unknowns. Many analysts believe that these AI functions will be focused on software but those models of More advanced iPhones will take advantage of their hardware to have premium features. We are talking, of course, about the iPhone 15 Pro and the future iPhone 16 Pro that could have specific hardware to run AI services on the device itself and not depend on Apple's network.