Tim Cook, before his most imminent future

The Mixed Reality glasses that Apple will possibly present at the Developers Conference in June 2023 will be the second new product presented by Tim Cook since his legacy in 2011. Rumors suggest that it will be a very expensive product and there are doubts about whether it will be the product that Apple needs to once again become the main reference in the technology sector. How can this product affect Tim Cook’s future at Apple? ANDn this post we are going to analyze the reasons why Mixed Reality glasses can be a success or a failure.

Reasons why Mixed Reality glasses will be a success

Next we are going to see five reasons why mixed reality glasses will be a success for the Cupertino company, since it starts from the previous experience of Google, and Facebook, knowing the benefits and shortcomings of the Meta Quest, among others.

  • User experience: Mixed reality glasses will form part of the Apple environment from the outset, and above all, they will have a great relationship with iOS and iPadOS, so the design and synchronization with these devices will be incredible, in addition to being able to control your glasses with your phone or tablet. This integration could significantly improve the user experience and make the glasses easier to use.

  • Mixed reality: Apple has not wanted to enter the world as with the metaverse that has given such bad results to some companies such as Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Mixed reality glasses seek to create a product that technology can develop and can provide a good user experience, such as the acquisition of high-resolution screens and advanced motion tracking technologies, which makes it a perfect device for experiences activities such as games and meetings with your work team.


  • appstore: The great success of the iPhone and iPad was the App Store, an application store where developers can upload their applications in a safe and comfortable environment for developers to bring their applications to everyone. Apple, in its Mixed Reality application store, seeks to achieve similar results and that this product acquires a great development both by Apple and by the developers.

The great failure of the Cook era?

In the same way that we have analyzed the possible success that Apple’s Mixed Reality glasses can have, there are also indications that augmented reality glasses may be the great failure of the Cook era. Let’s analyze them below:

  • Apple begins to compete against itself: The price of the augmented reality glasses will not be cheap, since it is rumored that it will be around 3,000 euros. In addition to all this, many Apple products have an increasingly higher price, such as the iPhone, the Mac, the iPad pro or the Apple Watch Ultra, prices that are less and less accessible to many users. Adding 3,000 euros to a new product may prevent users from renewing the iPhone and purchasing the glasses.

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  • Lack of popularity: Despite the fact that augmented and Mixed reality have been gaining more and more followers, it has not yet reached the levels of popularity that make it possible for the product to be purchased en masse.

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  • The competition: The market for augmented reality and virtual reality is becoming increasingly competitive, and Apple’s mixed reality headset will have to compete with several other devices, such as Facebook’s Meta and Microsoft’s HoloLens. These devices already have a long way to go, leaving Apple at a disadvantage.