Tim Cook confirms what we all feared

Apple works on an AI based on ChatGPT

The CEO of the Apple company, Tim Cook, publicly said that Apple was working and that it had very advanced generative AI, similar to what OpenIA has developed and that in the coming months Apple wants to continue hiring workers that allows the optimization of this very important technology.

This news is related to the fact that Apple seeks to create more than 500,000 jobs in the United Kingdom and that a large part of the staff will be assigned to the development of AI. Tim Cook himself said the following statements:

«[La inteligencia artificial está] in all of our products today,” he said, “is behind fall detection in the [Apple] Watch, is behind shock detection, is behind atrial fibrillation detection [fibrilación auricular]it is behind the ECG, it is predictive writing on the iPhone »

«[La inteligencia artificial está] literally everywhere in our products,” he continued, “and of course we are also researching generative AI, so yes, we have a lot to do.”

«[El Reino Unido es] our third-largest employee population worldwide from a country standpoint,” Cook said. “It is also the leading developer community in Europe and it is as vibrant as ever, it is dynamic.”

There is one thing that Tim Cook did not answer

A company like Apple that spends billions of dollars each year on product development, the surprising thing would be if Apple was not working on AI above all, after openIA and Microsoft and even Adobe launched their own AI that has been able to change the world as we know it.


The problem, Mr Cook, is not that Apple is working on AI, which almost all of us took for granted, but because Apple has not been the first or one of the first to present this technology, since if, if you are currently still hiring personnel, It means that you do not have a closed, structured and worked team, as you have in other areas of development.

The presentation of Apple’s AI is starting to remind me of the Apple Watch, whose first generations were terribly deficient because it was launched in order not to be left behind in this market but with a product that was not completely finished, which has caused The first generations had numerous problems.

Let’s hope that it doesn’t take long for Apple to present its own Artificial Intelligence, because we are convinced that it will be one of the best in the world, but we don’t know if when they present it, others will have an advantage that it will take Apple too long to cut, as is happening to them. with Apple Maps and Google, after so many years, it is still several steps behind.