Tim Cook is left alone

Tim Cook has always been a staunch defender that Apple always makes constant improvements to its devices, and that innovation is the fundamental pillar of the Californian company. However, not your words, but your own actions on the productsyou show that not everything Tim Cook says is true.

Innovation, where?

Apple product innovation is fully stagnant. You only have to see the few advances that we have had in the iPhone 14, iPad Pro with M2 chip or the null innovation between the Apple Watch Series 7 and series 8.

Another aspect that demonstrates the lack of innovation is the fast charge of the iPhones. The charger recommended by Apple is 20 w, a fairly limited fast charge compared to its competitors. We have a clear example in the Samsung S23, which have a 30 and 45 w battery in the most advanced units.

Apple has always defended this position to avoid degradation and overheating of this. However, there are currently technologies that prevent the overheating of the device and carry out much faster charges. efficient for the device. Therefore, the aforementioned protection and its security reflects a huge lack of investment in battery improvements.

On the other hand, technologies that Apple has highly developed such as Touch ID has completely removed it from iPhone because Face ID works great. However, it would not be a bad thing to have said Touch ID on many occasions when you have to put your mobile face-on in order to unlock the device. They are details, which Apple refuses to include and makes its device lose advantage compared to its main rivals.

Security or control?

Apple is a company that is characterized by its security and privacy, a privacy that is the company flagship and that has allowed to have the reputation and prestige which encompasses today. However, Europe seeks to avoid the monopoly of large technology companies, allowing the purchase of applications outside the App Store.


The Californian company has always stated that this means the total loss of security and privacy of the users and that they will be able to suffer attacks with much more security. Apple, with the means and resources it has, can create a sufficiently secure subscription, purchase and application download system. Therefore, Apple masks that security by promoting and keep that check you have on the App Store.

Lag behind its competitors

The artificial intelligence It has meant a real revolution in the world market. Surely Apple is developing its own artificial intelligence and that will be applied to Siri. However, to this day, rumors and news are coming out in drops, so it seems that Apple has not yet reached a maturity level very important in this technology.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Max

To all this, we have to add other sections where Apple had more advantages in the market and no longer has it. Specifically, we refer to the cameras already his periscopic Zoom, where direct competition has “zoom x10” levels. Apple has fallen behind again as much as Tim Cook says that the iPhone is the best device on the market.

iphone screen

Finally, we have to talk about the 60hz display in their input models. Apple sells all its iPhones above 1,000 euros in 2023, so maintaining that value is indefensible on the part of the North American company.