We are almost a year away from being put on sale, but the rumors about the next iPhone 15 do not stop and today they are talking about titanium and a new design for the next smartphone from Apple.

You may be launching your new iPhone 14, or perhaps you are even still waiting for it to arrive, or you have not even bought it yet, but the reality is that the next iPhone 15 is already being considered, which In addition to important internal changes, they could have relevant design changes.. The first would come from the hand of titanium, a material that Apple has been using for a long time in its Apple Watch and that it uses as the only option with the Apple Watch Ultra. The next iPhone 15, surely in its Pro models, could be made of an ester material, much more resistant than steel, although with some difficulties when treating it that could be the reason why Apple has not used it on its smartphone until now. model.

Not only will there be a new material, the rounded edges will also return to the iPhone. Since the iPhone 12 we have completely flat edges, in the iPhone 4 style, and next year we could have rounded edges again, but only on the rear. So the transition between the frame and the screen would be with a straight edge, but between the frame and the back it would be with a rounded edge that would change the aesthetics of the terminal, and that would also help the camera module to be more integrated. The back would continue to be made of glass, something essential to be compatible with wireless charging, so the transition from titanium to glass will be a challenge that Appel will have to face.

In addition to these changes, it is expected that the next iPhone 15 has USB-C in all its models, although it could be that in the Pro models it is a Thunderbolt and in the non-Pro it is a conventional USB-C. The volume and power buttons will also change according to rumors, becoming tactile buttons, not mechanical, like the home button of the iPhone 7 and 8. And there is still a lot left so we will see how many rumors last, how many appear and songs end falling down.