To play! Challenge your friends with your Apple Watch

The apple watch It is the ideal device to keep you fit and healthy due to the native and third-party applications that seek to improve your fitness. In addition to being able to improve our physical records, you can also customize training metrics and share them with your friends. Throughout this post we are going to see how to customize and share our activity rings.

The training app It allows us to offer very interesting metrics of our training session, such as heart rate, distance covered, if it is part of our common rhythm. These metrics vary depending on the type of training we do, so they can be configured so that the ones that interest us the most are displayed.

The app trained, what would we do without it?

From our Apple Watch and the training app you can get a variable information depending on the metric and type of training you choose. On one hand, you can get a single Type metric analysiswhere all the information is reduced to a digital crown, while, if we have multiple metrics, much more complete information appears with up to five values. Next we are going to see the six steps that you can take when customizing your training values.

  1. We open the Watch app on our iPhone. Remember that the Apple Watch and the iPhone have to be on the same version of the Operating System.
  2. You open the training app and look for the training that best suits you or you want to practice.
  3. you click on
  4. If we only want to modify the metrics, we touch the small pencil next to Free, otherwise we look for the training according to distance, time, target pace, kilocalories or personalized and touch the small pencil.
  5. We enter «Training views»
  6. Tap on adding the metric to your training view. You can also press the “edit” button next to the metric to delete any of them.


Share, invite and accept a training invitation

Once we have completed the training, the Apple Watch allows share our activity circles with friends and family with the aim of motivating each other and improving our training records. The process consists of Two phases: the invitation to share the training and have the sender accept it.

How to invite friends and accept the invitation

The process for sharing and inviting friends is extremely simple, however, before you can share the spheres you need to register that you both want to share your data for privacy and security reasons. The steps are the following:

  1. Open the Activity app on the Apple Watch.
  2. Swipe left and turn the Digital Crown to scroll to the bottom of the screen.
  3. To add a friend, tap “Invite a friend” and tap a friend.

Watch Metrics

Once the invitation is accepted, both friends will be able to each other’s activity. If a friend doesn’t accept your invitation, tap “reinvite”, since it is possible that you have made a mistake when clicking or a bug in the sending that the invitation to the user has not arrived. Also, you can add a friend, from the Fitness app on iPhone, tap Share, tap the “Invite a friend” button and then touch the More button to send an email invitation. Finally, you can also stop sharing activity in three ways: silencing notifications, hiding our progress or eliminating our friend.

Activity on Apple Watch