To return to! MacBooks could have this feature again

One of the most striking features that Apple laptops have had for years has been the famous illuminated apple. In fact, this was one of the hallmarks of the MacBook, until Apple made the decision to eliminate it. Well, this feature could return sooner rather than later and in this post we will tell you why.

The illuminated apple of the MacBook could return

One of the ways that exist to be able to foresee some of the movements of the different technology companies, including Apple, is to be aware of the different patents that these are registering, since many of them give clues about new functions that some of their next devices could have. In fact, in the case of Apple there have been numerous patents that have been registered first and that later, in one way or another, have been reflected in functions that have at the same time reached the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple. Watch.

Well, from the prestigious media MacRumors they point to a new patent that the Cupertino company has registered, this summarizes several implementations of “Electronic devices with backlit partial mirror structures”. The patent speaks for itself, and of course it could be the first step for Cupertino to once again give their laptops a feature that the vast majority of users loved.

However, despite the fact that this patent leaves a wide open door around the backlit MacBook block, the usual thing is that from the time a patent is registered until it becomes a real implementation, several years pass, so we can not expect that in a short time new Apple laptops again have this famous feature.

Why did Apple remove it?

This is the question that many users ask themselves whenever they talk about the backlit apple of the older MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. The reality is that the quest that Apple has always had to make laptops as thin as possible has taken this iconic illuminated apple ahead. In 2015, the Cupertino company changed the design of its laptops, both the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro, making both models really thin and having to sacrifice this feature.

MacBook Air M2 Midnight

The reason for this was that at reduce both the thickness of these computers, the optimization of space was vital to offer users of these devices good performance at the battery level, so the space inside these had to be used to the maximum. It is true that on a functional level the backlit Apple does not contribute anything, but it must also be taken into account that it was one of the most striking hallmarks of Apple laptops. Be that as it may, it left, and now there is a silver lining for Apple to incorporate it back into its computers, and hopefully this movement will be much sooner than later, since of course, aesthetically it contributed a lot.