To spend 1409 euros on a Samsung, I buy an iPhone

“To spend 1409 euros, I buy an iPhone” Surely you have heard this phrase more than once, emphasizing the quality of Apple products, its ecosystem, and the duration of the products due to update policies, giving support for at least five years. However, in this post, we are going to see how much truth is there in this sentence and because it is a phrase that has more TRUE than many of us think.

Who said Apple was expensive?

Recently, there has been Mobile Word Congress, one of the most important mobile telephony events in the world, numerous media and companies show their latest innovations and cutting-edge devices, demonstrating their innovation and investment capacities to undertake these projects. One of the companies that had aroused the most interest is the Chinese company, Xiaomi, which presented its xiaomi 13 Proa device that is priced at 1,344 euros, the Honor Magic Pro 5above 1,200 euros, or the new Samsung range, where the S23 Ultra worth 1,409 euros, devices that have incredible features, but that are also priced beyond the reach of many users.

The best phone of the three companies have a similar price to the flagship of Cupertino, where Apple has spent several years maintaining the price of its products, while putting the price before the quality of its products. However, this last year, they have changed completely from strategist and they have begun to offer high-quality products, but at a high price, creating a different situation for the consumer, since they have more high-end options to choose from, but, to pay more than 1,200 euros, I buy an iPhone.

Xiaomi 1

The premium range, the new objective of brands

Apple, in each fiscal quarter, is the winner in the mid-range high and premium rangesince it is the company that sells the most high-end devices, while the rest of the brands have focused on the mid-range, where current prices together with the inflationary crisis make it unprofitable to invest in that segment and they have chosen to follow the Apple business strategy where you have very good devices, with a duration of many years, but at a very high price.


from a point of view pragmaticit makes a lot of sense to make a investment on an iPhone before on a Xiaomi or iPhone, because in the second hand marketthe price drop of an iPhone is much lower than that of a Samsung, Google Pixel or Xiaomi, that is, the value of the product is maintained over time, a situation that is not the case in most devices.

Apple Store Madrid

So, Why do companies prefer an iPhone? Apple is a brand that has a long history over the years and has been able to generate a company brand narrative where the priority is quality and innovation, but above all, they have been able to generate a ecosystem, since Apple has managed to create a living organism among all its devices. On the other hand, the rest of the brands do not reach the levels mentioned, and it makes it more difficult to spend such a large amount of money when the user experience is not going to be the same.