Today At Apple Resumes With Lady Gaga Remix Event: In-Person Back At Apple Stores

Apple announced that it is resuming the in-person sessions, Today At Apple at its stores across the US. The events are slated to start on March 7. The in-person events start in sync with Women’s History Month celebrations.

Apple has invited creators and music fans of various skill levels to their local stores to explore remixing music through GarageBand, an Apple music-creating app, with Lady Gaga’s music.

At the 30-minute free session, participants get to experiment with Remix FX, Live Loops, and much more.

Deirdre O’Brien, senior VP of Apple Retail, said that they were eager to the community back to the Apple Stores to get a first-hand feel of the session with the help of the incredible Apple Creative. She said that the in-person connection had been missing from the Apple Stores, and it is back again with Today At Apple.

Today At Apple Helps Both First Timers And Pros To Excel In Their Passion

Participants at the interactive and firsthand session get to play around with Lady Gaga’s Free Woman. On completion of this free half-hour session, attendees at Today At Apple celebrate and share their original creations. Interested participants can sign up at the Apple website.

Some of the best artists come to the session, allowing fans to pick up tips on deconstructing smash hits and creating a unique version of their own by using the GarageBand app.

These sessions are offered both in the app, with the in-person session set to resume. Customers experience the advantages of the iPad and iPhone which combine with the user-friendly interface of GarageBand.

Fans have at their disposal all that they require to create music. Today At Apple sessions are geared for everyone, even if they are in it as a first-timer or as an old hands at GarageBand.

Previous artists who appeared in  Today At Apple include Billie Eilish, Madonna, Khalid, Alicia Keys, Taylor Swift, and Pu Shu.

The session started in 2017 with Apple Stores offering educational sessions on coding, photography, art, music, and more. This has inspired people to bring alive their passions.