Top 10 Most Amazing Vision Pro Apps

With more than 600 applications Designed specifically for this device, the Vision Pro has some interesting options already available in the App Store. Among this wide selection, we want to show you ten essential applications that will surprise you.

Spatial Cam: connect with your home at any time

Spatial Cam revolutionizes the way we interact with our mobile devices, allowing Vision Pro users to view the Live streaming from an iPhone camera. This functionality is particularly useful for monitoring places from a distance, such as a room in our house, for example. It is also a practical solution for supervising children or pets without having to be physically present in the area.

Juno waiting for YouTube

Since Vision Pro does not have an official application Youtube, Juno has positioned itself as an alternative, created by developer Christian Selig. This app offers a very YouTube-like interface, tailored to Vision Pro. It also improves the user experience compared to standard web browsing. Until Google decides to create an app for visionOS, users can enjoy YouTube videos either through web browsing or with the Juno app.

Crouton, for home cooks

Crouton transforms the way you cook by allowing users to manage recipes in real time and in different windows that can be integrated into your home kitchen. With this application you can access detailed step-by-step instructions in real time, check the timers and temperatures of the different preparations. Although using Vision Pro in the kitchen comes with its caveats, Crouton seems to be a very interesting application for those who like to innovate in the kitchen.

crouton app Vision Pro

Shortcut buttons, shortcuts in Vision Pro

The Shortcut Buttons app offers a way to customize the virtual work environment in Vision Pro, allowing users to create and place shortcut buttons that can be activated with a simple touch. What on other devices we would call shortcuts. This functionality not only improves efficiency but also adds a level of customization to the Vision Pro virtual workspace.

Blackbox, mixed reality puzzle

Blackbox is the ideal application for puzzle lovers. This is a unique gaming experience in Vision Pro, inviting users to solve puzzles by manipulating virtual objects. Ideal for children but also for adults.

Spatial Symphony

Spatial Symphony offers an interactive platform for music creation, allowing users to shape sounds with hand movements. This app makes music creation accessible to anyone and also introduces a whole new dimension to the art of composition.


Continuing with music apps, NowPlaying redefines the way we experience music, connecting to Apple Music to deliver an experience enriched with album art, lyrics and song trivia. This app will be ideal for music lovers as it invites users to immerse themselves in their music in a deeper and more connected way, transforming passive listening into a more active experience.

SynthRiders, rhythm and movement

Now let's talk about games. As part of Apple Arcade, SynthRiders takes the rhythm game formula and takes it to a new level with Vision Pro. In this game, the premise is simple but addictive: users must synchronize the movement of their hands with the colors of the spheres that approach the rhythm of the music. The game, which seems simple at first glance, has already hooked many users.

Persona Vision Pro

FloatNotes, floating notes in your mixed reality productivity space

FloatNotes is a simple solution for organization and reminders within the Vision Pro environment. It allows users to place virtual sticky notes in their virtual workspace. It's like having a mixed reality digital world that you can fill with sticky notes of all colors.

PGA Tour Vision: for Golf lovers

Finally, PGA Tour Vision is an essential application for golf lovers, offering three dimensional hole models of the PGA Tour that users can explore and analyze in detail. In addition to hole viewing, the app provides access to leader boards, shot tracking, and video content. It is expected that an application similar to this will be released soon for F1.

These applications are the most notable for Vision Pro at the moment. Leave us a comment with your opinion and what application you would like to try in Vision Pro when it is available in the rest of the countries.