Top 10 Tricks You Should Know About Your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is one of the most popular products from the Cupertino company, although it started out as a rather niche device, it is currently on the wrist of a good number of iOS users in general, and for this reason, here at News iPhone we bring you all its news and features so you don’t miss anything.

We show you a dozen tricks, tips and settings that you probably don’t know about your Apple Watch and that will allow you to get all the performance it offers. Pay attention, because with these tricks you are going to leave everyone’s mouth open.

Customize shortcuts

As in the iPhone, iPad and Mac, our Apple Watch also has its own “Dock” of applications, a quick access that will always remain immovable. If you go to the app Watch > Dock, You will find quick access to the features of the Dock of your Apple Watch, which by default brings together the most recent ones.

We recommend that you choose the “Favorites” option and here include the four or five (no more) most used applications on the Apple Watch, such as Training, Now It Plays or Spotify, so that you always have access to them by clicking on the main button of your Apple Watch. This is undoubtedly the fastest way to interact with the Apple Watch and the first of the settings that we must customize as soon as we purchase an Apple Watch.

Return to the watch after using an app

Sometimes we use the Apple Watch continuously, and we have problems because when we start doing something else and we want to return to the application that we were using on the Apple Watch, we find that we will have to invoke it again because the clock mode has been activated of our device. Do not worry, because it has a solution, you must go to the General Settings> Return to the clock section from the Watch application on your iPhone.

Once there you will be able to select a waiting time so that the application we were using does not disappear simply because the clock has been activated, we have three options, always go back to the clock, wait two minutes or wait one hour . Besides, we will be able to select specifically how each of the applications of our Watch interacts with this functionality that we are talking about.

battery information

Many times we think that the Control Center has fewer functions than it actually has, for example, when we invoke the Control Center of our Apple Watch, we see that it gives us exact information about autonomy, but this is not all.

If you click on the icon that represents the Apple Watch battery, you can see at a glance how much battery your AirPods have left and activate the “Low Consumption Mode” in a single stroke. Many users think that this functionality of the Control Center does not exist because, being a battery indicator, it cannot be interacted with, but as you have seen, this is not the case, so it is a good time to teach your friends what your Apple Watch can do.

Set clock time forward a few minutes

Are you late everywhere? Are you famous among your friends for being late? Do you usually say that you are coming when you are still in the shower? Don’t worry, the Apple Watch also has a solution for all those who are used to making others wait, and it is none other than turning the clock forward so they think they arrive even later than they actually do.

Outside of joking, there are many users who like to have the clock ahead a few minutes, and Apple has also thought of them. If you go to Settings> Clock> “+0”, you will see that you have the option to advance the time shown by your Apple Watch a few minutes. It is true that it is not a functionality in itself, but many users prefer to set the time like this, and it is their right that Apple provides them with this option.

Turn off the screen completely quickly

Many Apple Watch models have their own version of Always-on-Display, a system that allows the screen to always be on, either to simulate that it is a real watch, or to allow us to see the time from all angles without the need for summon the clock This functionality has also reached the iPhone, not without controversy.

However, in situations of maximum darkness this system can be somewhat annoying, so don’t worry, you can completely turn off the screen without having to go into the settings section and change the settings. To turn off the screen of your Apple Watch you simply have to invoke the Control Center and select the cinema mode, the screen will turn off completely.

Siri reads the time very easily

Now we come to the “stuff” function of the day, and that is that when the Apple Watch was launched with the arrival of the Mickey and Minnie spheres, we found it supremely funny that the cartoon read the time, however, it is not the only option to hear what time it is without even looking at the clock, since all the spheres of the Apple Watch will read the time aloud to us if we touch the screen with two fingers. To do this, you must make sure that your Apple Watch is not silent, because if it is, you will not be able to hear anything at all.

The sundial is interactive

If we activate the sundial, when we move the Digital Crown while the time is displayed, we will see the clock hands move and it will show us the day/night transition as if those hours were passing naturally.

Sphere editing shortcuts

When we locate ourselves in “My Spheres” within the Watch application, we see at a glance all those spheres that we have been customizing and selecting to display on the clock. What many people don’t know is that If we make a long press on the sphere, a contextual menu will open to be able to interact with them.


In this way, we will be able to quickly change the color and even share this sphere with whoever we want through AirPlay and any other sharing option that we have adjusted.

Trick Bonuses:

  • In the Clock Settings we can activate a function that will make the Apple Watch vibrate every hour.
  • If you are in a workout and you press the Digital Crown and the button at the same time, the workout will be paused.

These are the 10 tricks that we think you should know about your Apple Watch, if you have more, feel free to share them with us in the comment box.