TOP 5 curiosities about Steve Jobs that (perhaps) you did not know

The Steve Jobs death in 2011 it marked the end of the genius that meant revolutionizing the technology industry starting from everything that existed. Thanks to him, iconic products such as iPod, iPhone, Mac, iPad, Apple TV appeared, in addition to turning the Apple Store into a place where not only products were going to be purchased, but also a place where the user experience prevailed above all else. In this post we analyze some curiosities of one of the most brilliant minds of the second half of the 20th century.

How did you not know this about Steve Jobs?

Steve Jobs, eccentric like few others, has been one of the most typical personalities in the world of technology. Despite the continuous setbacks he suffered throughout his life, he managed to lay the foundations for a much more technological society, a society different from the one he knew. Let’s see five curiosities of Steve Jobs.

  • The first Apple computer was not developed by Steve Jobs: Although it is hard to believe, the company’s first computer was not developed by Steve Jobs, but was his friend and engineer Steve Wozniack who in 1975 developed this complex equipment, although it was Jobs who saw the great commercial potential that this brand had and convinced his friend to bring the product to market.
  • He was co-founder of Apple, and founder of Pixar: Apple’s situation was critical in the 1980s, and investors decided to do without one of its main co-founders. In response to this objection, it sold all but one of its shares and decided to invest its profits in Pixar. The success was so resounding that Pixar published the first film developed on a computer. A few years later Apple returned and sold its stake with the sale of 138 million shares. The return of Steve Jobs to the company with the bitten apple is well known, since, despite his departure, he paved the way to return and release one of the products that undoubtedly brought Apple back to life: the iPod.

  • Zen Buddhist and extremely controlling: His strong Zen character and a diet based on fruits are known, which according to him, made his body not produce odor. This strong personality made him wear Hindu clothes and in the early stages of the company he went to meetings barefoot. Among his main Buddhist activities were regular meditation, walking barefoot and pescetarianism, that is, he only ate fish meat.
  • A nice person, but extremely demanding: The voices of Steve Jobs, angry with his employees because the products had not achieved the perfection he was looking for, still resound through Apple Park. It is true that he was a nice and tricky person, but when there were certain aspects or development that he did not like or did not convince him, he was terribly cruel and unpleasant. His behavior was extreme to such an extent that the workers carried out marathon days to have the products finished within the deadlines determined by the company’s CEO.

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  • Never had a college degree: en a world where a college degree is essential for advancement to a good job, Steve Jobs never got a college degree and in fact ended up extremely disgusted with college. In fact, he only studied one semester at the Reed College of Oregon.The main reason was the high school price. However, he dedicated himself to learning calligraphy and other knowledge. This aspect, although he did not know it yet, would end up being used to include new fonts in the Macintosh once Apple was founded.

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