Top three applications to find out yourself

Increasingly common to find people who like do sports at home, given that. In addition, there are currently many applications that are designed exclusively for it, so that, with very few tools, you can train your entire body. If you like improve your physique and practice health sportsstay and know these three amazing apps.


It is a very popular and effective training app that offers a wide range of variety of routines and exercises based on body weight, which means you don’t need additional equipment to perform the workouts. This makes it possibles train at home or anywhere you don’t have access to a gym. Let’s meet your characteristics:

  • Artificial intelligence– The app uses artificial intelligence to customize workouts based on your goals, fitness level, and progress. This ensures that the workouts are always challenging and effective for you.
  • Variety of exercises: the app offers a wide range of exercises and training routines, including strength work, cardio, HIIT and more. In addition, the sessions mix short-intensity but highly developed exercises and longer-duration workouts.
  • virtual trainer: the premium version of Freeletics includes a virtual trainer that provides you with real-time instructions and feedback on your performance.
  • Exclusive training plans: The application allows you to set your sports goals and provides you with an exercise plan adapted to your needs that is constantly updated.
Freeletics HIIT Fitness Coach
Freeletics HIIT Fitness Coach



This app, known as Adidas Running, is popular and effective for tracking outdoor activities such as running, walking and cycling and especially for training in home. Let’s get to know some of your characteristics:

  • Home workouts: Along with the ability to be active outdoors, Runtastic also offers a variety of home workouts, including strength and stretching exercises, which can be done without additional equipment.
  • Personalized training plans: Runtastic lets you set your fitness and fitness goals and provides personalized training plans to help you achieve them. These sessions allow you to combine outdoor activities, activities at home or a mixture of the two options to do a balanced and effective type of exercise.
  • Statistics and analysis: Adidas Runner allows you to keep a detailed record of your workouts and provides you with analysis of your progress over time.
  • Integration with other apps: This app is developed to seamlessly integrate with Apple Watch as well as Garmin devices, enhancing your complete health and wellness data.
adidas Training by Runtastic
adidas Training by Runtastic



Finally, we cannot forget Snorkit, a home training application that has a great rating on the App Store due to its ability to add exercises and routines personalized. We are going to know its main characteristics next:

  • Personalization: Sworkit allows you to customize your sessions by choosing from a wide variety of exercises and creating your own routines. In addition, you can base your physical activity on three values: fitness goals, experience level and time availability. All of them, from your home.
  • Without equipment: As these are exercises that you can do at home, the application includes work designed for this, it can be cardio, yoga, stretching and Pilates. This allows you to keep your routine of fresh exercises and avoid boredom.
  • Pre-set and video-guided workouts: the app allows you to generate your own personalized exercise routines that allow you to achieve your weekly fitness goals. In addition, you can take a further leap by watching videos made by professionals that tell you how to perform the routines effectively and avoid injuries.
Sworkit Fitness Workout App
Sworkit Fitness Workout App