Touch ID Soon May Not Be Available

You can almost always expect Face ID to be included on a brand-new iPhone. This technology was initially introduced by Apple in 2017 with the introduction of the groundbreaking iPhone X. The system uses a dot projector and other sensors to create a 3D model of the user’s face. When someone attempts to unlock your phone, they will be able to use the map as a validation reference. Apple Pay authentication and App Store transactions are both taken care of by Face ID. The premium iPhone used to rely on T ID, but that system has now been replaced with this biometric solution.

Touch ID Will Be Discontinued

After some consideration and testing, it seems doubtful that Apple would bring back Touch ID for its top iPhone models.

There are pros and cons to using Face ID instead of T ID, but some customers still prefer the former. Despite widespread support for the previous method, it seems Apple has no plans to abandon Face ID on the iPhone anytime soon.

On Sunday, Bloomberg’s “Power On” weekly author Mark Gurman said that Apple executives had discussed the potential of reintroducing Touch ID to their premium iPhone models.

Apple allegedly experimented with features like on-screen Touch ID, which had been mentioned in the past but never made it into the final product. It is also said that similar to the iPad Air 4, attempts were made to implement T ID into a power button.

According to Gurman, “at this point, I think Face ID is here to stay, and Touch ID will not be coming to flagship iPhones – at least anytime shortly.”

Gurman argues that a power button Touch ID may still be utilized on value-oriented versions like the iPhone SE, even if an iPhone 15 with Touch ID is probably not in the cards.