Tricks to control iPhone calibration settings

Some phones have screen failures over time. It may give the sensation of wear or that it has come to have a serious problem difficult to repair. But beyond all this, it can simply be a mismatch problem and you just need to calibrate your iPhone screen. If, on the other hand, you only need to make a few small color or brightness adjustments, you have to follow a few simple steps within the application Settings.

Calibrate iPhone screen

With this trick you can calibrate the touch part that was out of calibration. You just have to maintain Pressed the power button for a few seconds and immediately drag your finger on the screen, especially downwards. You have to wait for the device to turn off, then will restart and check how the screen works. As a rule, it resets to its state and the screen returns to normal.

Calibrate iPhone screen colors

This option helps you raise and lower the vividness or strength of the colors on the screen. We came in Settings > Accessibility > Display and text size and we access an area where we can activate the colored area. We choose the one we like the most.

Tricks to control iPhone calibration settings Tricks to control iPhone calibration settings

Adjust screen brightness and contrast

You can adjust the intensity or brightness of the screen. It is necessary to choose to adjust it to our liking, or that it can be adjusted automatically depending on the environment where we are.

We came in Settings > Screen and brightness > adjust through the slider bar the brightness. On the contrary, the “Automatic” mode can be activated.

Blue light can be calibrated, a type of annoying light that damages the eyes at the end of the day. To adjust it, we enter Settings > Screen and brightness > We activate Night Shift. You can program the time in which this option should be adjusted.

Another option is to adjust the contrast of the screen, so that the main colors do not stand out too much. Also, you can adjust the White Point, an option that allows you to fade bright colors. For both options we will enter Settings > Accessibility > Display and text size > Reduce brightness or Increase contrast.