Tricks you need to know for Safari

Safari is the favorite browser for all Apple users for its security, performance, search speed and for its perfect harmony with Cupertino products. However, many of us do not extract all the performance that Apple’s native browser offers us and, therefore, in this post, we are going to know some secret functions that allows us improve productivity and efficiency when working with it.

Discover Safari

The tabbed browsing It is essential to have a good efficient and fast navigation. For this reason, Safari offers us different tools to enhance its navigability. Specifically, we refer to the possibility of reorder tabs where, you simply have to press the button and determine the order of how you want the tabs to appear. In addition, you can also group tabs if you hold down the Shift key and select multiple tabs. Then right click and choose “Group Tabs”.

Another of your optionsis is the possibility of mute tabs that play audio or send notifications. To do this, you have to click on the window and click on “Mute tab” or “Mute other tabs”.

You can also perform full screenshots of a web page in question and be able to send it in PDF format. To do this, you have to press Command + Shift + S and select “Export as PDF”, as well as determine where the file is stored. The resulting file will include the whole page, even the sections that are not visible on the screen.

Finally, within the Safari navigation we can use the reader view, since it allows you to remove ads, images and non-essential elements from a web page. To activate it, click on the icon “Reader” in the address bar. You can also customize the appearance of the reader view in “Preferences” > “Websites” > “Reader mode”.


Advanced configuration

From Safari, you can also add your favorite sites to the barra of favorites to quickly access them. We just have to drag the URL from the address bar to the favorites bar. You can also organize them in folders to keep them organized and accessible. To create a smart foldergo to Bookmarks > Add Smart Folder and configure the parameters that this folder must have.


Safari, like the entire ecosystem, Apple includes numerous security and privacy measures. Therefore, you can activate the “private browsing” option. To do this, tap on private browsing, open a Safari window, and select File > Settings > General > New private window. In this mode, Safari will not store your browsing history, cookies, or form information.

Apple’s native browser also includes new keyboard shortcuts that allow you to increase the speed and efficiency of your searches. Some of the more interesting shortcuts are: command + T: Open a new tab; command + W: Close the current tab; command + Shift + T: Reopen the last closed tab; command + L: Select the address bar; command + F: Find in the current page and, command + R: Reload the current page.

Finally, you can determine the Safari startup options so that you can adapt it based on your needs, as well as show the most visited websites, among other options. For set home pagego to Safari > Preferences > General and select the option that works best for you.