Tr@mite allows you to manage Income 2022 and much more from your iPhone

Spanish software is avant-garde, often (mostly) it is even ahead of what public administrations are capable of offering citizens. Digitization has taken leaps and bounds in Spain, a country that has strongly embraced new technologies in terms of bureaucracy, and Diego Cid Merino knows that well.

This Spanish developer has launched an application that allows you to carry out all your procedures through the Digital Certificate and the DNIe without complications. Among other things, you will be able to access your tax data for Income 2022 and much more, discover this application with us.

Already in 2018 the developer was able to offer an alternative solution for Android, allowing users to access the FNMT library and therefore use the DNIe taking advantage of the NFC of the mobile device, something that seemed almost impossible for iOS users. at that time.

And so comes 2021, when Apple “liberates” its NFC a bit and with it Tr@mite, Firm@ and Valid@, the three joint applications that will allow you to easily interact with the public administration through your iPhone and your iPad, without complications, and even without the need for you to have the Digital Certificate, since incredibly your iPhone can read your DNIe 3.0.

Tr@amite, Sign@ and Valid@

These three applications have been developed by the previously mentioned Diego Cid, computer engineer and Project Director at Imatia Innnovation (according to LinkedIn).

  • Procedure: With this application we centralize a multitude of procedures from different public administrations at the state, regional and local levels. The application itself will allow us to identify ourselves either with the digital certificate, the cl@ve PIN or the DNIe).
  • Sign @: It will allow us to create and manage our certificates, allowing us to obtain a natural certificate, in addition to signing and sharing PDFs.
  • Valid@: We can check the status of a digital certificate or DNIe, to be aware of its validity and expiration date.

The annual subscription of Tr@mite is €2.99, as it is the most complete application, but for example we can use Firm@ separately, paying only €1.99 per year.

What can I do with Tr@mite?

I am going to focus only on those procedures that are most common and will be needed by the majority of Spanish iOS users sooner or later:

  • Process the rent draft (AEAT)
  • Access tax data (AEAT)
  • Generate reference number for Income (AEAT)
  • Consult debts (AEAT)
  • Obtain a Census Situation Certificate (AEAT)
  • Obtain a Certificate of being up to date with tax obligations (AEAT)
  • Apply for the European Health Insurance Card (INSS)
  • Simulate retirement (INSS)
  • Apply for retirement (INSS)
  • Request the Minimum Vital Income (INSS)
  • Obtain a Work Life Report (INSS)
  • Request an appointment for the DNI (PN)
  • Consult the Company Certificate (SEPE)
  • Request an appointment at the SEPE
  • Check balance of points (DGT)
  • Consult the fines (DGT)
  • Submit a record to any administration (REC)
  • Make cadastre inquiries
  • Request doctor appointments

These are just some of the things that you will be able to do, so Imagine the range of possibilities that the Tr@mite application offers to its users.

Digital Certificate or DNIe 3.0

We have several ways to authenticate ourselves in the different platforms of the public administration using this application.


  • DNIe 3.0: Having this version of the DNI, we can link it to the application, for this we simply choose “Consult DNIe”, click on “+” to add the DNI and it will consult the CAN number, we enter it and bring our DNI closer to the iPhone for it to read and identify to its owner. It is at this moment when we will have to enter the password that they gave us at the time of obtaining the DNI.
  • Digital certificate: In this case it is easier, we will choose the option “Consult Certificate Data”, click on “+” and the application will access our certificate library to allow us to choose the .PFX file, by entering the password we will be able to use our Digital Certificate to interact with the administrations.

Between the two options I have it very clear, because it is most likely that you have lost the password of the DNIe. Although you can recover it using the machines that are in all the National Police stations, I find it more useful to obtain the Digital Certificate and be able to use it whenever we want.

Get the Digital Certificate on your iPhone

For this, just follow the steps that we have left in our video, they are simple, but you will need a PC or Mac and some free time.

Now from a PC or Mac we must take the .PFX file that represents the digital certificate with all its security keys and we must transfer it to the iPhone. To do this, we have several very interesting alternatives:

  • Through iCloud Drive, OneDrive, or Google Drive: This seems to me the easiest and fastest alternative. We simply have to store the certificate in a location in one of these two cloud storage solutions. Then, we go to the application Files of our iPhone and we will look for the location of the digital certificate to be able to install it. If the location does not appear, we must click on the icon (…) in the upper right corner, choose the option Edit and activate any cloud storage source that does not expressly appear to us.
  • Sending it by email: This has been until the recent updates of other alternatives, the only viable option. To do this, we simply send the digital certificate to ourselves through Hotmail or Gmail, to immediately access any of these email servers through Safari (you will not be able to do it from Mail or any other email management application). . Once inside, we will simply click on it to install it.

Once the installation is accepted, it will be necessary for us to go to the application of Settings of the iPhone, then we will enter the option General where we will find the profiles and we must click on the one we have installed most recently. At that moment, it will ask us to enter our iPhone or iPad unlock code, to add a first layer of security.

That’s how easy we will be able to carry out a multitude of procedures thanks to Tr@mite and your Digital Certificate.