Troubadour Apex, the backpack you were looking for

If you are looking for an elegant, modern backpack, perfect for day-to-day work but also for a weekend getawaymade with top quality materials and with the peace of mind that it will protect you against shocks and water, the Troubadour Apex is what you need.

There are many backpacks, but if we are looking for something modern, elegant and functional, things get complicated, even more so if we want it to be comfortable, with enough space to store all the things that always go with us, but at the same time not too bulky and it is a problem for us to move with it. Troubadour, the English brand that recently acquired one of our favorite brands of iPhone cases, Mujjo, has been offering products that adapt to all these needs for years, with quality, elegance and respect for the environment as priority objectives. Its new backpack model, Troubadour Apex, is a true reflection of this and I have had the opportunity to test it during the last two weeks in my day-to-day life to see if it meets the very high expectations that its manufacturer promises, and I will tell you about it below. .

Material quality

When you take the backpack out of its box in which it arrives at home, you cannot believe that the materials used in its manufacture are recycled. We can differentiate two different types of material in the construction of the backpack: textile and vegan leather. Any of the elements in any of these two materials has a higher level of finishes. Troubadour has not only taken care that the materials are recycled, they are also waterproof So don’t worry about it with your laptop in your backpack while it’s pouring with rain. For this resistance to water, it also has zippers that are completely hidden when you close them.

Most of the backpack is made of textile material, but the vegan leather elements are strategically placed to achieve that modern and elegant design that characterizes it. The zippers have large leather pullers that allow you to open backpack keys even with gloves without any problem. The upper handle is also made of this material, resistant to be able to support the weight of the full backpack. The main zipper also has the possibility of closing it with a small padlock, perfect for travel. No matter where you look at it, it is a product manufactured with the highest quality guarantee, to the point that The manufacturer offers you a 5-year warranty. in any manufacturing fault.

space for everything

The backpack has a capacity of 25 liters, but it also allows you to organize all the elements inside it perfectly thanks to internal pockets and other spaces perfectly designed for all kinds of accessories. It has a main space with a greater capacity to be able to introduce larger items combined with smaller ones that we can store in zippered pockets, perfect for smaller accessories. Chargers, cables and other accessories can be stored and can be accessed quickly and conveniently, all topped off with a very careful interior down to the smallest detail. A small zippered pocket in the front area of ​​the backpack allows you to store those items that you need to have available more quickly, such as keys, for example.

In the back we have another space specifically designed to store your laptop or tablet. Allows you to store laptops up to 17 inches more than loosely, in a perfectly padded compartment to offer maximum protection. In this same space you have the possibility of storing folders, notebooks, etc. In the Tura part you have two side pockets designed to place a thermos or bottle, or an umbrella. They are easily inserted and removed and are well secured thanks to an elastic located on the inside of the pocket. Finally, a small pocket on the back of the backpack, just below the top handle, perfect for storing an iPhone, for example.

maximum comfort

The backpack is very comfortable to wear, even fully loaded. On one side it has two ergonomic handles with a very firm structure but very well padded that you can adjust in length. I really liked not only the comfort of these handles, but also the detail that the extra tape when adjusting the handles is “hidden”. I hate those ribbons that remain hanging on the handles, and this simple detail is something I am grateful for. The backrest is very well padded, you don’t stick anything you have inside the backpack in your back, and it also maintains ventilation zones on your back so that sweat is not a problem. Despite everything I have put in the backpack, it is not too bulky, and this is another point in its favor in terms of comfort, because there is nothing worse than carrying a backpack that bumps into everything and everyone, especially in transport public.

Editor’s Opinion

Finding a day-to-day backpack is not an easy task despite the wide range that exists: elegant for when you go to work, but at the same time safe, not only to prevent theft but also to prevent a rainy day from damaging its contents ; with good capacity but that is comfortable and not too bulky; versatile for day to day and for when you go on a trip; Made with quality materials that respect the environment. All these premises are fulfilled by Troubadour’s Apex backpack, a premium backpack whose price is high, but which you will surely add to your wish list. You can buy it on the Troubadour website for €309 (link) with all shipping costs and possible customs fees included in the priceand with the possibility of returning it within the first 100 days after your purchase if you are not satisfied.

Troubadour Apex
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  • environmentally friendly materials
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