Trust Lyra, keyboard and mouse at a great price

For those looking for a wireless keyboard and mouse, with memory of several devices, good quality of materials and that work really well with any system (Windows, macOS and iPadOS) for a very low price, this Trust Lyra is perfect for you.

Compact but complete design

This is a “keyboard + mouse” set that you can carry in any backpack: light and compact, but without giving up all the functionality. The keyboard is complete, it does not have a numeric keypad, but the keys are normal size and separated like normal keyboards, and none are missing. It is even perfectly adapted to be used on both Windows and macOS, and they have keys to control playback, screen brightness and even some keys for specific iPadOS functions. The mouse is normal with two buttons and a scroll wheel, it even has options to configure the DPI, something very unusual in mice of this type.

Trust Lyra keyboard and mouse

Among the unusual functions in these “cheap” sets we can find the possibility of memorizing three devices and being able to switch between them quickly. Both the mouse and the keyboard have Bluetooth connectivity, being able to link two devices and save them in memory, and to that we have to add the possibility of using a small USB adapter that adds a third memory to both. Once configured, the change between devices is quick and direct, through the buttons dedicated to it, both on the mouse and keyboard. By the way, the small USB adapter can be stored in both the keyboard and the mouse.

Autonomy and good response

The sensation when typing is very similar to that of using a laptop keyboard. They are low profile keys, with little travel and little noise. The response is really good when writing, typing is fast, comfortable and on large keys like the space key you can press where you want the answer to be correct. Of course there is no type of backlight, due to the type of keyboard and the price, it is something that is out of the question. The mouse button press is smooth, and its handling is precise. It helps a lot that the DPI is adjustable, although I would have liked a little more if there was a smaller jump between the different options: 800, 1200 and 1600. I’ll stick with 1200, I’m not very extreme. Its design also makes it perfect for right- and left-handed users.

Trust Lyra keyboard and mouse

But where this keyboard and mouse undoubtedly wins is its autonomy. Both have a rechargeable battery, with an autonomy of up to 6 months with normal use. I have not been able to verify this autonomy, obviously, but if it does not reach 6 months and remains at 5, I do not think my opinion will change either. The complete recharge is done in 2 hours, and again you will forget about cables for half a year. By the way, they recharge via USB-C, and the cable is included.

Editor’s opinion

Compact, lightweight and excellent autonomy are the strongest points of this Trust Lyra keyboard and mouse set, but we cannot forget other details such as the three device memories, the full keyboard compatible with Mac, Windows and iPadOS, and the DPI mouse configurable. Let’s add Sun more than correct operation, good quality plastics and a really fantastic price. It can be purchased on Amazon for €49.99 (link)

Trust Lyra
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  • Trust Lyra
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  • Last modification: October 9, 2023


  • Memory for three devices
  • Compatible with all systems
  • Autonomy of 6 months
  • Good performance


  • USB-A adapter (not USB-C)