Truth Social Has Topped The App Store Charts

Truth Social, the new social media platform that was backed by Donald Trump, has now secured the top position in the free apps section of the App Store. The platform went on to unveil a soft launch on Sunday- as reported by Reuters- with several users prompting a waitlist for the app. Some individuals who tried to sign up with the app reported several glitches when they were trying to create an account, although one can firmly state that such issues are pretty common in most of the early releases of any app. 

Truth Social Is Gaining An Impressive Following

Interestingly, Truth Social has its launch delayed quite a few times. The full launch of this app was first planned on the 21st of February, but that date was then pushed back to the 31st of March. This app is the brainchild of the Trump Media & Technology Group- led by Rep. Devin Nunes of California.

The company has decided to go public through a merger with the Digital World Acquisition Corp., a special purpose acquisition corporation or the SPAC- with a total market cap of around $3 billion. DWAC recently disclosed in September that two of the financial regulators had sparked probes into communications with Trump’s firm prior to the announcement of the deal. 

Back in December, both DWAC and TMTG went on to announce multiple agreements to raise a sum of $1 billion from a group of dedicated investors for Truth Social. Buth those funds haven’t been made available until the merger ends up done and dusted. Incidentally, the launch of the app led to the shares of Digital World increasing by around 14% on Tuesday. 

As reported through quite a few screenshots on the app listing page of Truth Social, the design of the platform does resemble Twitter closely. Ironically, Twitter was one of the first social media platforms that suspended Donald Trump’s account in the wake of the Jan 6 riot.