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The current pace of life, stress, the need to do several things at the same time, etc., can make reading complicated for many people. On the other hand there are those who enjoy a good story or podcast, but they are too lazy to read. Both have a salvation, and it is called Audible.

Also, you should know that now you will be able to test the service totally free up to 3 months if you are a Prime user, and thus evaluate if it is worth it. However, here we are going to tell you why you should not pass up this opportunity…

What is Audible and what to expect?

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Audible is an audiobook platform from Amazon, as you should know. In addition, it offers you a wide selection of audiobooks narrated by professional voices, and some well-known ones, such as very famous actors. In addition, you can have content in several languages, also in Spanish. And all this with a library in which you will have a catalog of more than 90,000 titles and growing. All the categories you can imagine (horror, novel, science fiction, drama, history,…), all your favorite authors, as well as podcasts. If that doesn’t seem enough to you, it will also give you:

  • Accessibility: They are an excellent option for people with visual disabilities or reading difficulties, being able to listen to all the content without any problem. It can even be useful for people with dyslexia or reading comprehension problems.
  • Comfort and mobility: You can enjoy audiobooks while doing everyday activities, such as driving, exercising, cooking, walking, or lying comfortably on the couch or in bed.
  • Flexibility: You can adjust the playback speed to make it go faster or slower, mark where you are going and continue at any time, create voice notes, etc.
  • Ideal for people with space problems: You can store hundreds or thousands of books in the Amazon cloud, where you will never lose them, or on your device for offline listening, without having to have a space dedicated to physical books.
  • Broad Compatibility– You can listen to audiobooks on a variety of devices, such as iOS/iPadOS mobile devices, Android, FireOS, as well as Echo devices with Alexa, your PC or Mac, etc.

If you like get this great opportunity, you can use the following link. Once the free period has passed, you can choose to cancel the subscription and pay nothing or pay €9.99/month and continue enjoying the service:

Get Audible free for 3 months

Audible vs Storytel vs Nextory vs Podimo


If you have doubts between choose Audible or other similar services, such as Storytel, Nextory and Podimohere are some of the advantages that the Amazon platform offers:

  • Greater number of audiobooks in its catalog to choose from compared to other competitors.
  • Exclusive Audible content that you won’t find on any other platform.
  • Competitive price.
  • Voices of famous actors versus anonymous voices.
  • It can be used on up to 10 devices simultaneously.
  • Compatible with Alexa to operate it using voice commands. And it also includes Car Mode, to make driving easier and avoid distractions.
  • Compatible with a multitude of platforms.
  • Offline reading option, without the need for an Internet connection.

It is true that other services They also have some attractions, such as Storytel’s simple interface, and its large catalog and categories organized in a more intuitive way. Or maybe the fact that Nextory allows shared subscription, being able to configure multiple profiles in a single account. On the other hand there is Podimo, with a very cheap price. However, Audible still wins in many ways.

Runs! Don’t miss out on your 3 months free… sign up from this link and start listening to thousands of audiobooks now.