Try these Amazon services for free for Black Friday

Today marks Black Friday officiallyalthough we have spent several days, I would say even weeks, with interesting offers related to this day so awaited by many users to advance their Christmas purchases.

However, we can not only take the opportunity to advance purchases, since we can also take the opportunity to test the services that some platforms like Amazon make available to us for free.

3 months free of Audible

audible amazon

the platform of amazon audiobooks It is Audible, a platform that we can try for free for 90 days completely free of charge. Once the term has elapsed, we can unsubscribe without problems or continue paying the monthly fee of 9.99 euros that it costs.

Try 3 months of Audible free.

30 days free of Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon’s music streaming platform, Amazon Music also Unlimited is available free of charge for 30 days to all those users who have not taken advantage of this offer before.

This platform makes available to us a catalog of more than 90 million songs, much of them in High Fidelity, like Apple Music. After the 3 free months, we can continue paying the 9.99 euros that it costs monthly or unsubscribe without any problem.

Try Amazon Music free for 30 days.

30 days free of Kindle Unlimited

If yours is reading, Amazon also has a screw up in this sector, in fact, it was one of the precursors of electronic books. During this Black Friday, you can try Kindle Unlimited, Amazon’s book lending platform, for 30 days.

If you are a Prime user, you have access to a reduced version of Kindle Unlimitedso small that you won’t find any of the news that just hit the market, news that hit bookstores and Kindle Unlimited at the same time.

Once the 30-day trial has elapsed, the price of this service is 9.99 euros per month. If you don’t want to pay once the free trial ends, you can unsubscribe without problems.

Try Kindle Unlimited for 30 days free.

30 days of Prime Video

Amazon’s streaming video platform, Prime Video, has a 30-day free trial period, a platform where we can find a large number of high-quality series and It has little to envy Apple TV + since, in addition, it also has a base catalog, something that the Apple platform does not offer us.

In order to continue using this service after the 30-day trial, if you want to continue using it, all you have to do is become a Prime user. The price of this service includes:

  • Free shipping in 1 day on more than 2 million products and shipping in 2-3 days on millions of products
  • photo storage unlimited on Amazon Drive (does not include unlimited video storage)
  • Reproduction no ads on twitch channels where you use the free monthly subscription you have
  • priority access to flash deals 30 minutes before they start
  • Access to Prime Music Unlimited, with over 2 million songs and no ads.
  • Access to Prime Kindle Unlimitedwith access to more than 1 million books

The monthly price of Amazon Prime is 3.99 euros. You also have the option of hiring a full year for 36.99 euros. The Prime Video application is available for Apple TV, iOS and even for a few weeks also for macOS.

Try 30 days of Prime Video free.

There is nothing better than power enjoy Audible or Amazon Music than Amazon Echo devicesEcho device that is also on sale during Black Friday.

echo dot 3rd generation

The 3rd generation Amazon Echo Dot, whose usual price is 49.99 euros, is available during Black Friday for only 17.99 euros.

Buy Amazon Echo Dot 3rd generation for 17.99 euros.

echo dot 5th generation

The 5th generation of Amazon Echo Dot, includes some small improvements compared to the 3rd generation, it also lowers its price during Black Friday from 59.99 euros to €24.99.

Buy Amazon Echo Dot 4th generation for 24.99 euros.

Echo Show 5 + 2 Phillips Hue

For just 44.99 euros more, you can buy the pack that includes Echo Show 5 and two Philips Hue bulb compatible with Alexa and start automating your home.

Buy Echo Dot 4th generation + Philips Hue for 44.99 euros.

Echo Show 5 2nd Gen

The Echo Show is Amazon’s range of screen speakers. The Echo Show model offers us a 5 inch screen where we can enjoy the favorite series and movies not only from Prime Video, but also from Netflix, being an ideal device to have in the kitchen while we make lunch or dinner.

We can also use it like the rest of the Echo speakers to listen to our favorite streaming music platformWhether it’s Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music…

Also, we can surf the internet for recipesmake video calls with the 2 MP front camera that it incorporates, see the latest news, the weather forecast, our agenda for the next day.

The first generation of the Echo Show that Amazon launched on the market a couple of years ago, It does not allow you to install third-party applications such as Netflix.

Buy Echo Show 5-inch and 2nd generation for 34.99 euros.