Christmas Eve kicks off the Christmas festivities that continue on Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Eve and Epiphany. These are designated dates to be with the family and live the illusion of friends and relatives. Right now most of the houses around the world will have some element of Christmas decoration, it is another example of the illusion that houses give off on these dates. In this article we teach you various Christmas wallpapers for your iPhone, to give color and a different design to a device that also has to be dyed for Christmas.

Christmas wallpapers for our iPhone

These Christmas wallpapers have been taken from the Twitter user @AR72014, a graphic designer also related to the world of iOS, being a beta tester on many occasions. Throughout this month of December he has been uploading a large number of different Christmas decorated wallpapers, as well as some custom widgets to include on our home screens decorated with Santa Claus.

The most ideal way is to access the Google Drive folders that the user has prepared with all the resolutions for all the different iPhones. However, if you choose any of the images that we attach below there would be no problem either because the changes are really minimal if you don’t want to spend time on this. These are the folders of some of his Christmas wallpapers:

Keep in mind that when we select a wallpaper, we have to differentiate the “iPhone” model from the “iPhone X” model. The first includes the resolutions of old devices up to 8 and its Plus variants. The second, iPhone X, includes all devices after the iPhone X, including the latest iPhone 14.