Turn Off iPhone 14 Pro “Always-On” Display

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models include a new always-on feature, which shows the date & time, your screen’s wallpaper, and alerts even while your device is asleep. However, some users have complained that this function is distracting. Here’s how to disable the “on” indicator.

What Does Always-On Display Do?

The display employs a new technology on the screen that operates in a mode with low power, updating the screen just once every second and decreasing screen brightness. This, like an Apple Watch, allows the display screen to remain illuminated even while the iPhone is inactive.

When your iPhone is dull, it will display your lock screen, which includes your colorful background, widgets, any new alerts, and the present time and date. You may restore full brightness to your iPhone at any moment by tapping the screen or using Raise to Wake. This mode does not display sensitive info.

Turn Off Always-On Display?

Some users have complained that the iPhone 14 Pro’s vibrant, lush lock screen is too distracting. If you don’t want to utilise the display, here’s how to permanently disable it.

-On your iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max, go to Settings.

-Tap Display & Brightness.

-Scroll down to find the Always-On setting.

-Tap the switch to disable it. Tap it again if you want to turn it back on.

You can utilise the Sleep Focus if you don’t want to use an always-on display at night. In some other instances, the system will disable the always-on display function briefly.