Turn on your Always-On Display, it consumes no battery (almost)

One of the biggest novelties that Apple presented with the Pro models of the iPhone 14 was the Always-On Display (or screen always on). Functionality that already existed for a (quite) time in other devices, mainly Android. As always, Apple has given it a twist and did not launch an always-on screen as we were used to, but the entire screen was darkened and the refresh rate was lowered to 1Hz, completely changing the experience that existed in the AoD Android. But how much battery would this use up?

Since the launch, many users have wondered if it would be worth enabling this functionality because of the possible battery drain that this would entail. Apple “listened” to users and with the arrival of iOS 16.2, it launched the possibility of having a completely black always-on screen, only showing the time and widgets, in true Android style with the idea of ​​reducing that battery consumption by background. But, does it really consume less battery? PhoneBuff has compared in a video the consumption that the iPhone has with the Always-On Display in Apple mode, in black screen mode and with it completely deactivated. The results are spectacular.

The iPhone 14 Pro would only have one 0.2% battery consumption difference per hour between black screen mode or Apple mode (all screen visible and dark), which means NOTHING. Also, vs having the mode totally off, these modes consume 0.8% and 0.6% battery per hour respectively. Namely, less than 1% per hour (maximum we lose 19.2% battery per day with active mode). all of it after performing a 24 hour test using the device in order to have a meaningful sample of battery consumption.

In order to make the decision whether or not to activate the functionality, We must also consider that the screen will always turn off on many other occasions, so Always-On mode will not always be ON. Putting it in your pocket, flipping it over, focus modes, battery saver mode and many others will make the iPhone “off” so the Always-On Display will not consume battery.

Personally, I recommend activating this mode and enjoying 100% of the functionalities that our iPhone 14 Pro offers us. Just to save a little battery life is not worth it (except on special days like when you are away from home or traveling) to lose all the potential of our iPhone and leave out new features.

If you want to see the test in detail, I leave you below the own video of PhoneBuff on Youtube.