Turn this on to more easily recover your iPhone if it’s stolen

iPhones are one of the safest phones on the market, and Apple has already made sure to repeat it to the four winds. However, if you want to add an extra layer of security to your phone, and retrieve it more easily If it is stolen, we will explain a function that you probably did not know and can save you from a good trouble. So in this post we tell you what it is, and how you can activate it.

Activate this extra security setting on your iPhone easily

The trick of this adjustment lies in two elements: the locked screen of our iPhone and the Control Center. The Control Center is a quick panel of settings and features, which allows you to perform various tasks such as opening applications or turning connections on and off. And in the case of connections, if your iPhone is stolen, with the screen locked can activate airplane mode to prevent it from being undetectable. Or, turn off mobile data or Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. These last two, essential to locate your iPhone even if it is not connected to the Internet.

To avoid foreign lovers, who can deactivate connections without having to unlock the device, we will have to go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode (or Settings > Touch ID & Passcode, if your iPhone has Touch ID). Once we select this option, the iPhone will ask us to enter our security code. Once inside, we must go down until we see a section called “Allow access when blocked” and deactivate the “Control Center” option. Optionally, we can also disable the display of notifications if the iPhone is locked.

Of course, keep in mind that if you activate Lost Mode on the iPhone, even if it is locked and with notifications disabled, it will display the screen and emit the security beep. You will also be able to activate Lost Mode if you disable Control Center when your iPhone is locked. Also, remember that even if we deactivate these options, can you turn off the iphone even if it is locked. Apple still does not allow turning off our device by entering the security code. It is, therefore, an extra layer, to avoid deactivating the connections when it is blocked and to have our iPhone locatable for a longer time.

control center disabled on iphone

Once these options are deactivated, we will look at the upper right part of the screen, where we will see that the bar to open the Control Center has disappeared. It will only appear when we have unlocked our iPhone using FaceID. In the same way that, if we have disabled notifications, we can only see them when the iPhone is unlocked. If you have an iPhone with TouchID, the position of the Control Center changes to the bottom of the screen. So you can do the test of sliding up to activate the Control Center. However, we insist again: it is an extra layer of security. Apple, for security reasons, does not allow our iPhone to be turned off by entering a code or using FaceID (or TouchID).