Turn your Apple Watch Series 8 into an Ultra with this

The Apple Watch Ultra has been one of the new products that Apple has presented for this 2023, a revolutionary device with incredible features for users who seek to do more extreme sports or have a differential device. Many users want to have this device, so in this post we are going to see an accessory that allows turn series 8 into the apple watch ultra.

Apple Watch series 8 or Apple Watch Ultra?

Undoubtedly, the apple watch it has become the best complement for the iPhone, but also the most dependent on it. This device is almost a computer, especially for the functions focused on improving our health. However, the series 8, despite having more features than the series 7 or SE, features the same design than in previous generations, while the Ultra series presents a completely different and groundbreaking design.

From the writing team of La Manzana Mordida, we have selected this accessory for the Apple Watch series 8, which is a cobalt and that, when we introduce it into the Watch, it transforms from a series 8 to a series Ultra, because we add a frame or cover with similar characteristics.

apple watch ultra box

It is important to highlight that it is funded does not prevent correct operation of the device, that is, it does not affect such general functions as the operation of the clock in its interface or there is no increase in temperature when we are charging it as a consequence of the accessory. Nor does it affect in the event that we have calls outgoing or incoming, since it is designed to avoid all this type of shutter of the smart watch. In short, it is an accessory that does not prevents practical operation of the little Apple computer that we wear on our wrist. If you want to see how the process is, we attach it below.

Instructions for its installation

The installation process consists of 6 steps, which we are going to see next. It is a very simple process that you can probably do without any problem. Of course, be careful not to scratch any external component of the Apple Watch.

  1. Perform a deep cleaning of Apple Watch series 8, to prevent specks of dust from remaining between the device and the accessory.
  2. Remove the blue tag from the accessory.
  3. Install the crown on your Apple Watch series 8.
  4. Press the series 8 frame onto the face of the Apple Watch ultra
  5. remove the blue label from the button
  6. Finally, gently press the crown cover into place.

Evidently, you don’t turn your Apple Watch series 8 into an Apple Watch ultra, but with this accessory it can emulate Apple’s most powerful device quite well and above all, it opens up the possibility of you acquiring a new version of the Ultra series in the future. In addition, it not only serves to give a different touch to your series 8, but also serves as a protector in the event of falls and bumps.

Leave us in the comments if you find this accessory for the Apple Watch series 8 interesting.