Turn your iPhone, even if it’s not the 14, into a satellite phone

One of the most interesting novelties of the iPhone 14 is its ability to work in areas of zero coverage, thanks to its ability to communicate with satellites. This function, paid separately, means that if you are in the most remote place on earth, you can communicate or send a distress message to send help. It is something very valuable for those people who, for example, navigate the high seas. Now, if you do not have an iPhone 14, all is not lost since Motorola has launched the solution to turn your phone into a satellite.

Until now, in order to have a satellite phone, you needed to either have the iPhone 14 or buy a specialized one with the price that that entails. However, now thanks to the solution given by Motorola, you can turn your phone into one with satellite capabilities, thanks to the Defy device. For an affordable price, the Motorola Defy Satellite Link adds this valuable connectivity to smartphones. Existing Android and iOS via Bluetooth.

Motorola is based on the new MediaTek chips with satellite support. That’s why the Motorola Defy Satellite Link allows your existing smartphone to communicate with the satellites. The accessory connects to your Android or iOS smartphone via Bluetooth. It has the necessary hardware to connect to satellites and the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app for two-way “device-to-device” messaging.

This service works first through Wi-Fi and then through telephone masts. However, then, you can connect to the satellite as long as users have a “clear view of the sky.” Sending a message from the app will deliver it to other users of the app, or forward the message via SMS asking the recipient to download the Bullitt app. The best thing is that there is no charge for the service to the recipient, but to the sender: Starting at $4.99 per month.

The device has an IP68 rating for water resistance and a 600mAh battery that is claimed to be enough for “days” of use. The device also has built-in SOS and “check-in” buttons that can be used even if a paired smartphone is not connected. It will be available from the second quarter of 2023.