Turn your iPhone into an iPod Classic with Spotify and Apple Music

The iPod Classic is one of the Apple products that is most appreciated by many users who knew the brand long before the arrival of the iPhone. Despite being an “obsolete” device today and ostracized by the iPhone, the iPod Classic was once a premium and extremely functional piece of engineering that was not available to everyone.

We show you how to integrate the iPod Classic player into your iPhone, with compatibility for Apple Music and Spotify. In this way, you will be able to give it a differentiated and interesting aspect with this player that hides all the secrets of the iPod Classic.

How to install Retro Music Player

For the moment Retro Music Player, this spectacular player based on the look and functionality of an iPod Classic, is in the testing phase. That means that installing it is going to be a bit more complex than looking for it in the iOS App Store, but don’t worry, because we are here to help you get there in just a few steps.

The first What we must do is download TestFlight from the iOS App Store, an application that will allow us to integrate any type of software in the testing phase that is fully reviewed and authorized by Apple. Therefore, we must warn you that installing an application in the testing phase through TestFlight does not pose any privacy or security problem for your iPhone, however, it may have some operation and optimization problem, although we have not found it in the Retro Music Player app case.

Now, we are going to go through this link to the Retro Music Player community and we are going to join the beta version of the application, as we do on other occasions with WhatsApp betas or even with iPhone firmware.

You must take into account that you must first install TestFlight, and join the beta you must do it from the iPhone, that is, the link at the top must be clicked from your iPhone, using Safari, so that said link is linked to TestFlight and opens automatically.

What you can do with Retro Music Player

This application is an iPod Classic at its best. Just by opening the application, your iPhone will be configured as the mythical player after a little configuration, so we can navigate through all the menus of a mythical iPod Classic without further problems.

This means that we will have a configuration section, playlists and even the mythical “Shuffle”. Not only that, even the well-known battery icon of the iPod Classic will replace that of your iPhone.

We will have the mythical touch wheel, which, taking advantage of the iPhone’s intelligent vibration capabilities, will allow us to feel as if it were the original wheel of the iPod Classic, what a beautiful product and what a beautiful application.

Once the application is configured we will be able to access our entire music library, and not only that, we will also have access to linking streaming music providers such as Spotify and Apple Music.

The application itself as the iPod Classic did in its day, it will identify all your music, offering you the folders, playlists and information about the artist, the album, the musical style.

You already know that betas are not forever, however, every time a new build of the application is released, TestFlight will warn us that our beta application is about to expire, and we can download the next version. An easy way to try out this fantastic alternative to traditional players, very well developed and implemented, which sooner rather than later will be available to all iOS users in the App Store. At the moment we do not know both the price and the official release date, but if you always stay close to Actualidad iPhone you will be informed and you will not miss anything.