We often focus our attention on iOS and iPadOS because they are the largest operating systems and are found on more devices. However, with every major update to these devices also comes a new version of tvOS, the operating system of Apple TV, the Big Apple’s digital transmitter that allows you to manage audiovisual playback on your television. One of the new features of tvOS 17 was the integration of Improve dialogues, a function that increased the intelligibility of dialogues in series and movies. In the tvOS 17.1 beta they bring this function to more generations of Apple TV and HomePod, we tell you.

More support for Improve Dialogs feature in tvOS 17.1

Within what Apple called HomePod Cinema Room In tvOS 17 there was the function we are talking about: Improve dialogues. This tool allowed hear speech more clearly over background sounds with a HomePod paired to Apple TV 4K.

iOS 17.1 Beta 1

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All the news in beta 2 of iOS 17.1

In tvOS 17 this feature was limited to Apple TV 4K and 2nd generation HomePods. All devices other than these did not have access to the possibility of enhancing dialogues. However, a few days ago Apple released the second beta of tvOS 17.1 and according to the colleagues at 9to5mac it seems that Apple will extend the compatibility of this function to the HomePod mini and the 1st generation HomePod.

We will see if it has been a lapse by Apple or if it has really been a change made consciously and all users of an Apple TV 4K and any HomePod can use this function that improves the quality and experience of viewing content from an Apple TV. Remember that we are in a beta period and the final versions of all these operating systems will take weeks although we expect a third beta over the next week.