We've been talking for much of 2024 about a possible new Apple product that would be a hybrid between an Apple TV and a HomePod with a touch screen. In fact, last week we reported that code fragments had been found in Apple's operating systems for a new Home Accessories with A18 chip, which could be a new designation by the company for this new product. Today we take a further leap and An interface called PlasterBoard has been discovered in tvOS 18 beta 3 which could be the touch screen of this possible HomePod with a touch screen. We tell you everything below.

The HomePod with touchscreen is closer than ever

The American media 9to5mac has been in charge of breaking down all the new source code of beta 3 of tvOS 18 that was also launched last Monday along with the rest of the operating systems such as iOS 18 or iPadOS 18. In a part of this source code, it has been detected an interface called «PlasterBoard», a concept similar to that used in iOS 18 as SpringBoard or PineBoard in tvOS, which is nothing more than the main screen of the operating system where the apps are located and the user can interact first-hand.

Homepod with iPad mini screen

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The HomePod with a screen won't arrive until 2025 at the earliest

Apparently, this interface would be very poorly developed and It could be the lock screen with a touch keypad for entering passcodes. It wouldn't be surprising if Apple is working on several prototypes of future new products for this supposed HomePod with a touch screen, but at the moment there is no product whose interface would fit this one they have called PlasterBoard. In fact, the current HomePod only supports simple gesture controls, without interaction with a touch screen of this caliber.

We'll see if this discovery goes anywhere or if Apple is just playing with us or with all the prototypes they have in testing right now.