Elon Musk has announced in recent weeks that major changes are coming to Twitter in the coming days. Many of these changes are focused on trying to attract and maintain the companies that until now published ads on the social network, since for Musk it is a priority. However, a new decision by Elon Musk could shut out dozens of Twitter’s third-party clients. It turns out that the Twitter API has been blocked for several hours and there is no intention of making it active again. This would mean the end of third-party Twitter clients, among which are Fenix ​​or Twitterrific.

Fenix ​​and Twitterrific no longer work due to Twitter API blocking

The Twitter API allows users access information from the social network and integrate it into applications to display the content in another way. Thanks to the existence of this API, there are applications that allow access to Twitter in a really different way. Among these third-party clients we find very famous apps such as Twitterrific, Fenix ​​or Talon. They are alternative tools that until now could be used to access the social network.

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However, for a few hours all these third party apps have stopped working. The errors that pop up suggest that the only possible reason for their blockage is the deactivation of the Twitter API. This move could come directly from Elon Musk.

And it is that behind all this could be the only reason: economic problems on Twitter. For a few weeks Elon Musk has been saying that the perspective of the social network has changed slightly to try to recapture the advertisers who left Twitter and re-generate income. In fact, some options have already been disabled, such as the ability to display the timeline ordered by ‘followers’. We will see if the blocking of the API is a final decision or if instead there is some reason that justifies its current fall.