Twitter Offering Vertical Videos In Full Screen Like TikTok For iOS Users

All users of social media will accept the fact that vertical videos have been more enjoyable and easy. Due to this reason, more social media platforms have been focusing on content with vertical videos since TikTok is already a success. Twitter has now decided to roll out vertical videos and they made the announcement this very week that it will be full-screen for iOS users

TikTok Gets Competition Form Twitter 

Twitter’s announcement on their blog named TechCrunch has promised to bring a fresh experience for their users. This will be made possible as they will now offer full-screen vertical videos that are easier to find and more immersive. 

Twitter is going to add a new section of videos in their Explore tab. Users can navigate videos that will be available according to content and trends based on the users’ likes. Twitter also shared screenshots of this new feature which appeared similar to TikTok. Once users open any video, it is going to play vertically. Swiping up will automatically skip the present video to the next one. 

Video Experiences For Users

It must be noted that the video will be associated with tweets and tapping on the reply, like, share or retweet button will give quick access to the content. Videos have now emerged as an important part of the public conversation as billions of views on videos are proof of that. 

As a result, this new step is a logical step. In addition, Twitter is also experimenting with other new features like a select few users have been given access to regular tweet views. Earlier this was only for videos. 

TikTok has a far greater growth with each passing year. Moreover, Instagram has also been trying to compete with TikTok by making new features. Twitter is also trying to keep up.