Twitter Removes Support For iOS 12

The newest update to the Twitter app has removed support for iOS 12, with the current version requiring iOS 14 or later to work — meaning users of the iPhone 6, which can’t be upgraded beyond iOS 12, will no longer be able to access all of Twitter’s features.

While we haven’t been able to get our hands on an iPhone 6 to test it out for ourselves, people on Twitter have been complaining about losing access to several functionalities after the upgrade.

It’s easy to see why iPhone 6 users, as well as owners of the iPad Air and 6th-generation iPod Touch, are irritated by the Twitter app’s new demand because they don’t have the choice to update beyond iOS 12.

Users who are trapped on iOS 12 complain that while they can still view tweets on their timeline, the rest of the app is broken.

iPhone 6 Users Will Not Be Able To Use The Latest Twitter Version

Thankfully, customers who are still clinging to their iPhone 6 may still use Twitter on the device, since the web client works without issue, although it’s far from a perfect solution/replacement for the full app experience. Although the loss of full app functionality has surprised many iPhone 6 users, Twitter’s demise on iOS 12 has been long in the making, with the social media giant dropping support for the almost four-year-old operating system in early 2021. Even though official support for the appended on iOS 12, iPhone 6 users were still able to utilize the app’s fundamental functionality, but without the added features of later versions.

Although this decision only impacts 2% of Apple’s users who have kept their seven-year-old smartphones, it serves as a warning that planned obsolescence is an issue that will ultimately touch all of our gadgets.