Twitter will almost completely remove the character limit

The good old Elon Musk, known for hitting a pitch thanks to the sale of his payment platform PayPal, the manufacture of electric cars of doubtful reliability Tesla and for being determined to fill the sky with satellites with his various aerospace companies, continues to suffer a powerful Verbal incontinence since a few weeks ago he acquired Twitter as a self-Christmas present.

Since then he has had a number of disastrous ideas inappropriate even for himself, but this last one will not leave anyone indifferent. In his effort to do something we don’t quite understand with Twitter, he has decided to remove the character limit on tweets.

As if that were not enough, the amount of nonsense that you can read a day on Twitter being limited to boxes with approximately 280 characters, Imagine what your Timeline can become when the embers on duty have the ability to write up to 4000 characters. At least in Forocoches you can filter the content according to the title of the current post. Will they give us that possibility on Twitter?

This is how Elon has made it known in a response that Allan Obare made to him through Twitter itself. To give you an example, these iPhone News articles are around 300 words.

Be that as it may, hehe extension to 4000-character tweets may be the worst idea in a social network from the WhatsApp groups of neighborhood communities.

At least, the good old Elon has said that he is still not sure how he is going to implement this new function, meanwhile, Geohot, the hacker in charge of hacking the iPhone and PS3, has offered to work three months free for Elon Musk, and I can already tell you that if good old George can’t fix Twitter, no one will be able to.

This will come hand in hand with videos with Full HD resolution, Just in case your data rate wasn’t affected enough by the absurd GIFs and morally dubious videos common on Twitter. And let’s not forget about Twitter Blue, Twitter’s snoob option that for only €11/month will allow you to remind others that they are poor, without having to write it.