Two and a half years with an official clear Apple case: Experience

When Apple released its transparent case for the iPhone XR, it was accompanied by price controversy. Apple explained the reason, claiming that it was a high-quality case, which did not yellow over time. In its day, I bought it. And I’ve been with it for two and a half years now, using it every day. And I have to say one thing: Apple was right.

Apple was right with the iPhone XR Clear Case

The Clear Case for the iPhone XR, as sold by Apple, had two goals: to protect the phone, and to bring out the color. The iPhone XR was sold with an attractive and striking color catalog, and the only official case you could buy it was this transparent casingwhich you will see how it continues two and a half years later.

Clear plastic sleeves often have a “standardized” default. If we use them a lot, and in a very intense way (enduring falls, scratches, getting the iPhone wet, etc.), it ends up adopting a yellow tone, which cannot be compared at all with the transparency that it could have at the beginning. When I bought this case from Apple, I was afraid that this case might make the same mistake. But it’s only scratched.

And in case you are wondering what this black ring that you see is, it is a universal magnetic ring, thanks to which my iPhone XR has MagSafe, and I can attach accessories to the back, and take advantage of the benefits of magnetized wireless charging. This ring has been with me for approximately two months. I installed it when the cover had already been with me for more than two years, with its wear and scratches. And I was surprised to see that, despite this, this ring has not come off, since the cover is still fully functional.

official apple transparent case

Some scratches that, although they are not very important, are the product of daily wear and tear. Two and a half years carrying the same cover, without changing it with another. It has not cracked anywhere, the plastic has not suffered anywhere and, of course, It still protects my iPhone XR like the first day I bought it. And the buttons? Well, the truth is that, despite the fact that they are still as resistant as the first day, they have “yellowed” but very little. So much so that even with the naked eye, you have to look very closely to appreciate a slightly less transparent color tone than the rest of the body of the case.

iphone xr transparent case

The Clear Case for the iPhone XR was selling at a high price in the official Apple store. $39 was its official starting price. Many of us were surprised how a transparent case could have that price, when there were already many alternatives at a lower price. I understand now. It was not an expensive price, but it was high at the beginning. and i say that it is not an expensive price, because with the time that I have had this case (two and a half years of daily use), it continues to protect the iPhone as the first day, it has no cracks or fractures and, as you can see in the photos, it is not yellow, it is well worth the money grief.