Two apps open on your Mac screen? So you can do it

Natively on macOS

All the applications that we have in our Mac are adapted to the way of improving the space that we have in our job desk. It is important to note that we can only put this space settings of the apps that we have minimized, that is, we cannot execute it if we are in full screen. To specifically resize the app, we have to go to the top left of the app and we press the green button Of the same. When we position ourselves on it, we see that the little arrow turns into a double arrow.

At that moment, we make a sustained click and different options for the position of the window appear as well as the possibility of changing its size. Among the options that appear is the possibility of being able to adjust the app window to the right/left of the screen. Immediately afterwards, all the applications that we have open appear, to determine which application we want in the remaining part. This is really good, if you want two windows open, for example Safari with the instagram app and Pixelmator pro or reduce files at the same time that you are working.

To exit this screen mode, we have to move the cursor with the trackpack or with the Magic Mouse to the top bar of the screen and click on the Red buttonin any of the two open options. Finally, if we close any of the two options, the remaining option appears on the desktop, as if it were minimized in the way that we know.

through Magnet

Magnet is a macOS application that is available in the App Store for a price of 3.99 euros. It is true that it is a payment applicationbut it is a one-time payment and it is one of the applications that is worth paying at any time.

magnet windows

One of the most interesting aspects of the application is that it does not have an interface as we know most of the apps, but rather it is located in the top bar with the aim of being able to access it easily. Within its box, different options appear in which you can adapt the screen you are working on: left, right, top, bottom, top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right, third left, left two thirds, center third, right two thirds, right third, next screen, previous screen, maximize, center, restore.


For use the Magnet app, You have to go to the minimized window that you want to change position, go to the app icon and click on the position you want from those available. In addition, another of its advantages is the possibility of modifying the size of its windows. Finally, it is important to remember that the application has keyboard shortcuts to activate the function that you want to execute quickly, which are located next to the mentioned options. However, you can customize them from preferences or go to the application whenever you want to make an adjustment.

Magnet Mac multiple windows