Two incredible series are added to the Apple TV+ catalog today

The arrival of the weekend also causes Apple TV + subscribers to take up the blanket, make popcorn and make themselves comfortable to enjoy the best content on the platform. Today they are also in luck, because they not only have new episodes of the series being broadcast, but also two new series that will certainly make a difference. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

These are the two series that premiere today

One of the most popular series on Apple TV+ is back today with the premiere of the first episode of its third season. We are talking about True Be Told, which is based on the novel “While You Were Sleeping” by Kathleeen Barber. In it you can find a unique and different vision of the United States’ obsession with “true crime” podcasts, challenging viewers to analyze the consequences of the search for justice being carried out on a public stage. As we said, the first episode is already available and the rest until completing the 10 will arrive one by one in the following weeks.

But beware, True Be Told is not alone today in terms of premieres but is accompanied by another series called The Island of Shapes, a children’s series that comes with the first episode. It is set on a remote island and introduces Cuadrado the serious, Círculo the intrepid and Triángulo the sagacious, who are the protagonists of all the adventures that the little ones and even not so little ones will be able to enjoy from today.

the island of shapes

More news

We have already told you about everything new that has arrived this week on Apple’s platform of series, films and documentaries, which of course has not been little, but that does not mean that there are not also new episodes of all the series being broadcast from AppleTV+. Therefore, below we leave you the different chapters that you have available from now on so that you can catch up on your favorite series.

  • Premiere of the tenth episode of the first season of echo 3.
  • Premiere of the second episode of the fourth season of Servant.

These are the premieres of the next months

And finally, as always we have to review everything that is yet to come to Apple TV+, so that in this way, the hype increases in each of the followers of all the content that the Cupertino company is preparing for all of us. Then we leave you everything you can enjoy in a short time.

  • January 27th
    • Therapy without filter (new series)
  • February 3rd
    • Dear Edward (new series)
  • February 17th
    • Tricksters (new movie)
    • For a better tomorrow (new series)
  • February 24th
    • Laison (new series).
    • Eugene Levy, the anti-traveller
  • no confirmed date
    • Foundation (2nd season of the series)
    • Killers of the Flower Moon (new movie)
    • The Mosquito Coast (2nd season of the series)
    • Ted Lasso (3rd season of the series)
    • The Reluctant Traveler (new show)
    • Black & Blues: The Colorful Ballad of Louis Armstrong (documentary).
    • The Sound of 007 (documentary).
    • To Freedom (film)
    • Killers of the Flower Moon (film)
    • Argyle (film)
    • Sharper (film)
    • Tetris (film)
    • Napoleon
    • Number One on the Call Sheet
    • Ghosted
    • spellbound
    • The Beanie Bubble
    • Bride
    • Snow Blind
    • Dolly
    • Bad Sisters
    • hijack
    • criminal records