Apple Suppliers: Apple Announces 2 New Suppliers

Ming-C said in several in a number of tweets that Apple had hired 2 new Chinese suppliers for the iPhone 14. The first is Shengbang, which just completed the higher-end iPhone 14’s quality verification and is scheduled to ship the iPhone 14’s power management IC (battery and level shifter) in 2H22. Apple Suppliers are Chinese.

Shengbang has begun shipping Apple’s high-end products, which indicates that Apple’s income contribution will dramatically grow and that its technological level can already compete with the world’s top consumer electronics companies.

Apple’s orders will help Shengbang generate additional considerable income and profits in addition to being one of the primary benefactors of China’s local substitution strategy. Apple Suppliers have been increased to match demand.

It is anticipated that Shengbang‘s market share in Apple’s supply chain would increase as a result of the cost advantage and Apple’s supply chain philosophy of lowering supply risks.

More Apple Suppliers From China

Shengbang’s capture of high-end iPhone orders signifies that the business has achieved first-tier manufacturer status in consumer electronics applications, which raises the likelihood that it will eventually access higher-end markets like servers and cars.

The second new Apple supplier, SG Micro, completed the higher-end iPhone 14‘s quality certification and is expected to begin shipping the PMICs (battery and level shifter) for the device in 2H22. 

Due to cost advantages and Apple Suppliers’ chain management strategy of reducing supply risks, it is anticipated that SG Micro’s market share in the Apple supply chain will continue to increase.

The fact that SG Micro is now shipping Apple’s high-end products means that Apple’s revenue donation will increase significantly. Additionally, Apple’s technical capability already can compete with tier-1 global companies in the consumer electronics field, improving its outlook visibility for entering higher-end applications like automotive and servers.