Unicode presents new emoji that we could see soon in iOS 18

iOS 18, iPadOS 18, watchOS 11 and the rest of the operating systems are about to see the light of day with the arrival of WWDC24 in the month of June. One of the most important moments for Apple is approaching and also for those most curious about the future of the Big Apple around artificial intelligence. Some days ago, Unicode has presented the new group of future emoji that Apple could adapt to include them within iOS 18 and the rest of the new operating systems.

New emojis: shovels, tiredness, harp, fingerprint and much more

The Unicode consortium dedicates part of its efforts to providing emojis to all companies that want to introduce them into their operating systems. Thanks to this, interoperability can be achieved in the reception of emojis. However, although the concept of emojis is the same, The designs are not the same since the design depends on the companies that adapt them in their operating systems, in this case Google and Apple with respect to Android and iOS, respectively.

A few days ago, the Unicode Emoji Consortium published a new beta update of its version 16.0 with the incorporation of the following new emojis:

  • Face of person with bags under the eyes
  • Fingerprint
  • Tree without leaves
  • Tuber
  • Harp
  • Shovel
  • Splatter

You can check the update on its official website where, in addition to the main word, Unicode gives a series of keywords that can be referenced to include the emoji. For example, in the case of “Tuber” the key words are root, vegetable, turnip, beet or garden.

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Now it is the turn of the companies that develop the software for the devices we use daily, They will have to adapt these new emojis, if they want, to incorporate them in their future updates. It is likely that Apple will incorporate some of these new emoji in the first version of iOS 18 and save a couple of new emojis for future updates such as iOS 18.1, iOS 18.2 or iOS 18.3, continuing with the roadmap that Apple has on other occasions. He has continued.