Update to iOS 16.2 because many vulnerabilities have been fixed

One of the reasons why the operating system is usually updated is because new functions are added that we like or are very convenient for us. We rarely give security implementations the importance they deserve, unless they are very pressing or important. When I say important, I mean that it has created alarm among users. However, these security improvements should be the most important and that users take into account. You will update to iOS 16.2 surely by Freeform or other news, but you know that this version corrects more than a dozen vulnerabilities.

We already have the new version of iOS available for those compatible devices. Taking into account that it introduces new versions and updates as well as applications, it is recommended to install But it is also true that this new version also adds the ability to have stopped many vulnerabilities in their tracks. Apple comments in the details of the new version that at least a dozen vulnerabilities have been fixed with the update.

This includes patches in areas like Accounts, AppleAVD, GPU drivers, ImageIO, the iTunes Store, and WebKit. For example, one of these exploits allowed a malicious video file to execute kernel code without user permission. Another exploit fixed allowing apps to bypass privacy preferences. Only in WebKit, which is the engine for Safari and all other web browsers on iOS, did Apple find and Fixed seven security exploits with iOS 16.2. One of these also led to the execution of arbitrary code.

Do not think that these updates have only arrived for iOS, because as you have been able to read, they share these vulnerabilities with other Apple devices. That’s why, they are available on macOS Ventura 13.1, tvOS 16.2 watchOS 9.2.

By the way, Apple too has released iOS 15.7.2, macOS Monterey 12.6.2, and macOS Big Sur 11.7.2 with the same patches for users who do not want or cannot update their devices to the latest versions of operating systems.

Tip: If you can, upgrade.