Use iCloud from a Windows computer? Too easy

However, what happens if I am going to change to a Windows computer? Will I be able to recover or continue using my documents and files stored in iCloud, or is it not possible from another OS?

Use iCloud from Windows

Whether because you were an Apple user or you never were, but you like its cloud and want to take advantage of its tools and advantages, today we are going to see how to use iCloud from Windows, since it is very simple.

To do this, Microsoft itself makes it easy for you. From its store you can download the version of the Apple app, but adapted to Windows, it does not have very good ratings, but the truth is that, at least for me, it has always worked very well, as far as is clear, since that you are not on MacOS.

Once downloaded and installed like any other program, you will have access to your iCloud where you can see different sections, from your photos previously uploaded on an iPhone, iPad or Mac, to the files and folders that we have saved within our available space.

That is, not only can we use the cloud if we come from a Mac, but we We can use the iCloud tool if we have always been on Windows. It is likely that we have purchased an iPhone and have space in the Apple cloud. Then we will not only take advantage of that storage on our smartphone, but we can also use it on the computer, tablet or other equipment we have.

The prices, in euros, of the iCloud storage plan are as follows:

  • 50GB: €0.99
  • 200GB: €2.99
  • 2TB: €9.99
  • 6TB: €29.99
  • 12TB: €59.99

They are quite similar to what we can see in Google Drive, so now it will depend on the type of device or devices we have. If you don't have any from Apple, it probably won't compensate you. However, if you have a Mac, iPhone or iPad, you can sync all of that on the other computers you have and take advantage of iCloud on all of them.

In summary, iCloud is not something exclusive to Appleand while it is true that purchasing it without having any brand device is foolish, you can do so if you are paying for it for whatever reason, so now you know, take advantage of the compatibility that Windows offers, among others. , and get your program now.

windows 11 on macbook

Also You can access the web version from any other devicewhether it has an app or not, like an Android mobile or a Linux computer, so it will be very easy to at least be able to upload or download folders.

And you, have you thought about whether iCloud would work outside of the Apple ecosystem? Or, on the contrary, do you have everything from the same brand and have you not stopped to think about what would happen to your files the day you no longer have Apple devices? the Apple? Leave us a comment with your opinion.