Use of Apple devices according to the age of the user

Any company that sells a product or a service, from time to time makes its Market studies to obtain very valuable information that can later be used to launch new articles or commercial campaigns.

and Apple is no different than other companies. You want to know everything about your customers. Above all, your tastes and preferences. Either the screen size of an iPhone, or what are the best-selling case colors. Everything serves to create new, more commercial products. And a very important aspect is to know how old are the users of the different Apple devices.

CIRP He is dedicated to conducting commercial studies for large companies. From finding out what are the best-selling colors of the iPhone, to knowing what size Apple Watch the young user is wearing. Anything goes to be able to “adjust” the next releases to the different market niches to which it is aimed.

And this week said cabinet has published a new report that is very interesting. It is titled “The Apple Ecosystem Age Profile Works”, and tries to explain with real figures what type of device (iPhone, iPad or Mac) a user uses according to her age.

And by boat soon, looking at said study, the first thing to note is that the user of an Apple device is relatively young. Much younger than the average North American user for this particular type of device. We refer to the iPhone, iPad and Mac.


Thus, the figures indicate that 50% of all users of these three Apple devices have between 18 and 34 years. And if we open the range from 18 to 44 years old, the figure rises to 70%. As a result, only 30% of the users of these devices are over 45 years of age. Curious, very curious.

And if we dig deeper into each device, the average age of iPhone and iPad users is very similar, instead, Mac owners are slightly younger. This means that commercial ad campaigns where young people always appear work very well. So those in Cupertino should think about how to attract the older buyer. A market niche, yet to be exploited.