Use the Family Sharing option and save money

Family Sharing on Apple devices not only offers convenience, but also optimizes photo management, storage capacity, shared apps, and parental permissions. All of this in a simple and very useful way. Plus, sharing subscriptions with other family members will save you money.

The advantages of using Family Sharing mode

Family photo library

If you don’t want to have to manually share photos from family events, Shared Photo Library solves this problem by automatically adding photos to a common repository. From the application Photosyou can manage which photos to share and receive recommendations for your shared library.

This way photo management becomes more intuitive, allowing us to focus on the experience instead of worrying about the logistics of how to share the photos taken. The Family Photo Library transforms the way we share and preserve special moments, making Family Sharing worth it.

iCloud storage for everyone

Making backup copies in iCloud is very important and as you already know it takes up a lot of space. Now imagine that each member of the family does not have to pay for their own storage. With the option of Share with familya single user can share their storage space with everyone, saving money.

Sharing everything else: Apple Services for Family

However, Family sharing is not limited to iCloud storage; It also covers other Apple services, such as Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, Apple Fitness+, and Apple News+. These services are automatically shared between family members once this option is activated, offering a shared experience of entertainment and well-being.

It also happens that when several family members share an interest in an application or game, Share with family facilitates the experience by allowing shared purchases. This means that not everyone has to purchase the same application and pay for it each time, but with family sharing you save money and provide access to shared applications.

In family

Parental controls

Setting up iPhones or iPads for kids is easy with Family Sharing, allowing you to set time limits, control internet access, and manage contacts. The function “Ask to Buy» may be essential for you in this sense because it adds an additional level of control, allowing you to approve or deny purchases so that you don’t have any surprises on your invoice.

Ultimately, Apple Family Sharing offers a free and easy way to share digitally. From sharing photos to managing iCloud storage space and controlling app purchases, this feature improves digital family cohesion.