Using iPad as an e-book, is it a good option?

In most cases no, since their screen quality and visual wear are much higher, but what happens in the case of iPads? Do they have better conditions? Could they be a decent substitute for an e-book?

iPad as an e-book?

Although tablet screens are not adapted to viewing for hours in the same way that ebooks are, iPads have very interesting options, since they are not simple cheap tablets.

Among them is the Books app, with which we can adapt the iPad as an ebook, and thanks to its screen options and tools such as True Tone or Night Shift your eyesight will be much less affected.

Thanks to this, the iPad will function as an e-book, accurately and intuitively displaying what you have on your device. Now, we already know the advantage of having a tablet and not having to purchase another extra device, but what disadvantages does it have?

Well, there would be 2 mainly, the first, we already mentioned, and that is that the sharpness and screen type They will not be 100% adapted to reading as if an ebook would, however, the iPad would be the best tablet you can have for this.

And second, the batteryand the fact is that, although iPads can comfortably last 10 hours using the Books app, an ebook can last for weeks without recharging it.

Now, it also has other advantages, and that is that, for example, the internal space to store them will be much greater, as well as the options, formats and compatible files, and you can even download a book with gifs, or an audiobook if you wish. Having in turn internet to search for them or share them on WhatsApp with friends.

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In summary, although a tablet is not a good option for a reading lover, the screen and adaptability of the Apple and iPad system is much better than any other, so, if you are hesitating, and you are not a person who spends his life reading, yes, An iPad can be a very interesting substitute for an ebook.

Of course, as long as you are going to purchase it for other reasons, since the price, compared to any e-book, is much higher, and at the ebook level it has no clear advantages over them, so If the question is which would be better as a reading device, always stick with a book reader electroniclike an Amazon Kindle, for example.

And you, are you one of those who read on your iPad, or do you prefer an electronic book? The truth is that when I tried it I didn't adapt to them, its screen is very different from the ones I was used to, however, when you have You notice the difference, a lot. Although both options are interesting.