Every month Apple Watch users have a personalized challenge based on the activity of the previous months. It is a way to maintain activity and promote healthy movement among users. In addition, there are a series of challenges or global challenges that have to be completed on a certain day. Typically these challenges are placed to commemorate a specific date or milestone. Next February 14 will be the Valentine's Day and apple has prepared a new challenge with which to get a new prize and four stickers for iMessage.

Win Challenge Prizes on Valentine's Day on your Apple Watch

Next February 14, as we have been saying, will be the Valentine's Day, a date that is commemorated annually on this day and closely related to love and affection, also called Valentine's Day. Besides, February is Heart Month in the United States, so Apple has decided that on February 14 it will set a new challenge for the Apple Watch to celebrate Valentine's Day and Heart Month, a two for one.

This Valentine's Day everything revolves around the heart. Close your Exercise ring on February 14 to get this prize.

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Apple Watch Heart Month Challenge

To get the prizes for this new challenge we just have to close the Exercise ring on February 14. Once the ring is completed, we will see the animation that we have completed the challenge and we will be awarded the prize. On this occasion, Apple has created 4 custom stickers to be used in the iMessage app and a badge that will appear in the Fitness app's track record.

At the moment the challenge has not been announced on all watches, but in the next few days we will receive a notification explaining the objective of the challenge and we will be able to see the Heart Month badge. Ready to move on February 14?