The issue of RAM memory in the iPhone is one of those news that raises many expectations every year. This case a rumor indicates that the new iPhone models this year, that is The iPhone 14 would have 8 GB of RAM to match the Samsung Galaxy S22 launched a few days ago.

This rumor comes from the Korean blog Naver, but there are several media that indicate the possible increase in memory in the new iPhone 14. In the blog, it ensures that they have been sources close to the assembly line those who have leaked the news of this iPhone with 8GB of RAM.

The start of production of this iPhone 14 is near

It seems that not all models would carry this amount of RAM inside but the Pro models would add these 8 GB cited by the source. In addition, from the media they assure that they are starting the production of these iPhone 14 devices, which we will surely see during the month of September of this year.

I personally believe that adding more or less RAM to some new iPhone models can affect the price of the product more than its functionalities. Remember that Apple and its new iPhone models do not need as much RAM as other mobile devices from the competition, in this case the increase would not be as significant either considering that the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro have 6 GB of RAM inside and they do not fall short in this regard. The normal iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models keep the 4GB of RAM that Apple has been adding since the iPhone XS models.